A great way to start a party is with a hefty portion of Sub Sandwich Platters. These appetizers can easily be assembled without the use of a large platter. Rather, use a small platter to place cheese, meat, and toppings on. Guests may also want to add more salt, so make sure to replenish the necessary ingredients. Guests will also appreciate a small container of extra salt.

Build-Your-Own Sandwich Platter

Choosing the components of a Build-Your-Own Sandwich plate is easy. Leave gaps between the slices of bread and the various toppings for your sub platters Hollywood, FL. Make sure to separate the meat from the other ingredients and add salt and pepper. Slices of cheese should be thinly sliced. Spreading mayo on the slices will help them stay together.

When you are entertaining, consider having a Build-Your-Own Sandwich plated. You can provide a variety of bread, cheese, meat, spreads, and toppings for your guests to customize their sandwiches. It is an excellent way to entertain and give guests a hand at the party without wasting your time making sandwiches. You’ll need a large platter, small bowls for condiments, and plenty of meat and bread. As a rule of thumb, you’ll serve approximately one and a half sandwiches per guest. One sandwich should contain about 3 ounces of meat, 1 to 2 ounces of cheese, and two teaspoons of toppings.

Add meat & cheese trays

Meat & cheese trays make a great appetizer. The combination of smoked cheese, hard cheese, and sliced meats is an excellent choice. Various crackers and bread are also appropriate for serving with the cheese. These appetizers should be served at room temperature and are perfect for parties, potlucks, and family get-togethers. There are several ways to prepare a meat and cheese platter.

Choose a variety of cured and fresh cheeses to serve with the meat. You can cut the meat in rounds or fan-like shapes. To accompany the meats, you can add sliced cheeses and olives. You can also serve dips and spreads like compound butter. Fresh veggies like baby carrots and bell pepper halves are a good addition. Finally, you can serve a sweet appetizer with various dried fruits.

Adding meat to a sub sandwich platter

You can add meat to a sub sandwich platter as a fun addition to the main course. A large platter is perfect for this appetizer, but you can also prepare smaller platters with the same components. Adding a few small meat and cheese slices is a good way to make your sandwich platter look more impressive. You can also serve sides with these sandwiches, but remember to leave room for toppings and sides.

When adding meat to a sub sandwich platter, you can choose from two options: folding or rolling. While rolling is good for meat on its own, folding is better for meat you will use in sandwiches. Accordion folds will make the meat easier to pick up and eat. Whether you use cheese or meat, you’ll need to add salt and pepper to your servings.

Mini Party Subs

Whether you host a family dinner or a business event, Mini Party Subs will be a hit! They’re mini-sub sandwiches made of hoagie rolls, meat, and cheese. Each sandwich is made with melted cheese as glue. This appetizer is the perfect way to share your party food. Make these delicious appetizers for any occasion. Served on slightly sweet Hawaiian rolls, they are a great option. Top with your favorite marinara sauce, and enjoy! Ham and cheese sliders are another popular pull-apart sandwich option. Finally, vegetarians can opt for simple veggie sliders. Again, these tasty mini sandwiches are a great option for parties or potlucks.

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