If you love creating delicious baked goods and want to create a small business that serves up your food to wow your customers, here are some different types of retail bakeries to consider. Each one centers around your amazing creations, but each has a unique twist on how the business is run.

Bakery Cafe

Bakery Display Cases will be front and center in your bakery cafe to entice customers with your delightful goodies. This type of business typically has seating areas for people to enjoy their muffins and pastries with a friend. Coffee and tea are also commonly served here. This type of small business requires an investment of money to start, which means you need to have a clear business plan in place to be able to receive a loan.

Home Bakery

This is a fantastic way to start your bakery business if you don’t have much start-up capital. You can specialize in cupcakes, cookies or cakes to get started and continually expand your offerings as your customer base grows. Working from your home offers you flexibility with hours and the types of services you offer.

Bakery Food Truck

Another way to test out your bakery items without having to start in a brick-and-mortar storefront is with a food truck. Food trucks offer you a mobile option so you can travel to different locations around your area and test out multiple bakery items.

Counter Service Bakery

A counter service bakery is similar to a bakery cafe, but doesn’t have seating areas for customers. Instead, you sell your items for people to take with them as they go about their day.

Take some time to research your options before you decide what kind of bakery you want to open. Any option involves you baking yummy items to share with people.

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