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What is the recipe for successful achievement? To my mind there are just four essential ingredients: Choose a career you love, give it the best there is in you, seize your opportunities, and be a member of the team.

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February 7, 2021
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October 5, 2020
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A recipe is a story that ends with a good meal.

Natural products and aromatic spices

If you don't have the confidence in baking, commit to making the recipe three times. The first two, do it exactly the way I've told you to make it. Twice. The first time you'll screw it up. The second time it will come out pretty good, and then the third time, make your adjustments.

World food

Aromatic spices

Aromatic spices

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Protein shakes pregnancy: Don’t miss out on protein shakes pregnancy in your everyday diet!

The protein shake is suitable for everyone: for those who want to lose weight, for athletes, for children, and pregnant! It can be prepared in many different ways, according to tastes and needs, and eaten for breakfast, as a snack between meals, and sometimes even instead of a meal! Very easy to prepare and inexpensive!

Why supplement your diet with a protein shake

The proteins are large molecules made up of amino acids linked together, which perform numerous functions all ‘inside of our organism. They are essential for building lean mass (i.e. muscles), for the balance of our metabolism, for the replication of our DNA, for the immune response, and much more. In practice, they participate in every cellular process.

Proteins are synthesized by our body starting from amino acids: about 20 types are known, which are used in particular sequences depending on the protein to be synthesized. However, some of them, called essential, cannot be formed by our body and must be taken regularly through food, such as for example phenylalanine, methionine, or tryptophan.

The daily protein requirement of our body, on average, is about 50-60 mg / per kg of body/day.

The benefits of taking protein shakes

As we said, our bodies need protein to keep muscles, bones, and cells healthy and to produce energy. If you think you are not getting enough, especially given the hectic pace of modern city life and the always limited time dedicated to meals, a great way to supplement them is protein shakes.

Regular intake of well-made protein shakes will lead to several benefits:

  • Helps Lose Weight: Taking them between meals as snacks will increase your basal metabolic rate, while drunk in the evening before bed, improve sleep, and stimulate growth hormones to burn fat
  • it will provide energy throughout the day, reducing the sense of hunger, especially if taken at breakfast
  • it will provide all the amino acids necessary for the production of proteins in our body, avoiding that their possible deficiency leads to damage to our muscular and bone system
  • taken before or after sports training, it will give energy and allow you to build lean mass (i.e. muscles) faster
  • The building blocks for a good protein shake

Depending on your tastes and needs, you can prepare many types of smoothies, however, the basic ingredients that should never be missing for a good smoothie are:

Protein shakes pregnancy
  • The milk. Any type of milk is fine but if you follow a low-calorie diet you have to choose the completely skimmed one, from which the fats have been removed. A normal cup has 8 mg. of protein, while the skim one only 3 mg. If you are intolerant to milk, you can use soy, perhaps flavored with vanilla which has the same properties. If you prefer it sweet, use a cup of almond milk.
  • Yogurt . Better if the Greek one which has a good acidic consistency and is lean. It alone contributes 12 mg of protein. Instead of yogurt you can opt for lean unsalted ricotta, which will give density to the preparation.
  • Egg white , possibly from organic and pasteurized eggs. On the market there are packages of egg white or egg white powder, often more practical but much more expensive.
  • Bitter cocoa : 10 g provide 2 g of protein
  • Fresh fruit : a choice according to your taste, including apricots, kiwis, raspberries etc. However, banana should never be missing, both because it is very protein and because it gives a creamy texture to the smoothie. If you prefer, you can add dried fruit, which contains more protein.

Pour everything into the blender for about 1 minute, and the smoothie is ready. Enjoy your meal!

How to wash grapes

Considered in ancient times as an antidote to anxiety and stress, grapes are one of the most appreciated fruits for their organoleptic characteristics and nutritional values.

According to reliable estimates, there are currently almost 8000 different species of grapes, produced by the plant called Vitis Vinifera. A climbing shrub with few branches and rather large five-lobed leaves and flowers grouped in inflorescences.

Its fruits, which are berries called grapes gathered in clusters, contain small seeds (grape seeds) from which many active ingredients are extracted which are also widely used in the phytotherapeutic sector. The main constituents of this fruit are the following:

  • anthocyanosides;
  • procyanidins;
  • resveratrol;
  • polyphenols;
  • flavones and anthocyanins;
  • minerals (potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron and manganese);
  • vitamin A, B1 and B2, and vitamin C;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Thanks to a balanced mix of these components, grapes are endowed with many useful functions for the organism. The system that is most affected by the advantages deriving from regular consumption of the fruit is undoubtedly the circulatory system. Since it performs an effective radioprotective action, especially at the level of the blood capillaries.

Furthermore, the remarkable concentration of antioxidant substances means that grapes are able to counteract the harmful effects of free radicals. Also slowing down the cellular aging processes and carrying out an antimutagenic activity. It manages to keep the cholesterol level under control. And helping to avoid hypertensive peaks resulting from the hardening of the vessels.

At the level of the digestive system, grapes improve digestive processes allowing for optimal intestinal transit following the mildly laxative action of its berries. Diuresis is more functional since the grains are made up of over 90% water. And therefore stimulate the body’s water exchange.

In summer, when the high temperatures stimulate sweating and therefore the elimination of water and mineral salts. Grapes are the most suitable fruit to rebalance these losses, avoiding the onset of dangerous metabolic imbalances.

But to benefit from all these beneficial properties, it is good to consume a fresh product and. Above all, be well washed in order to eliminate all the toxic substances present on the surface. Let’s see together what are the simple tricks to do about it!

How to wash grapes

When you have a bunch of grapes in your hands, you immediately feel the desire to taste its grains which, one after the other, are tasted. Unfortunately, very often it is not taken into account that their surface is covered with toxic substances. Such as pesticides and pesticides, the use of which is necessary to avoid the attack of various types of insects.

Rubbing the berries with your fingers (a very common habit) is certainly not enough to remove harmful compounds. And therefore it is essential to proceed with an adequate cleaning of the bunches. Grapes can be washed in various ways, both with pure water and with a mixture of water and vinegar or bicarbonate. But in any case, each grape must be treated with extreme care since harmful products often accumulate in correspondence with the stalk.

Among other things, we must not forget that grapes are one of the twelve agricultural products most contaminated with pesticides, substances. In addition to causing numerous disturbances to the organism, have a particularly long half-life and therefore are not easily eliminated.

Precisely for this reason, it is often not enough to wash the grapes only under running water. But they must be left to soak in specific bland disinfectant mixtures.

Washing of grapes with water

How to wash grapes

It is always a good idea to wash the grapes when you are about to eat them to prevent the stagnation of humidity from causing the grapes to rot. Once you have taken the quantity of fruit you intend to consume. It is necessary to place it under a jet of cold running water for at least 30 seconds, taking care to turn it over several times.

After this initial procedure, aimed at eliminating the coarsest part of the dirt. It is useful to rub each grape with your fingers, being careful not to squeeze them too much. A good way to thoroughly wash the beans under running water is to put them in the colander, leaving it for a few minutes under the jet.

When the grapes are particularly dirty (you can see this by observing the color of the skin which becomes whitish and opaque). It is advisable to leave it to soak for at least 5 minutes. It is essential to eliminate all the berries covered with broken peel. In addition to rotting more easily, they can be full of harmful microorganisms.

An essential procedure to do before eating grapes is to dry them with a paper towel. Or with a sheet of absorbent paper to eliminate all traces of pesticides and other harmful molecules. Only at this point, it is possible to taste the berries even without peeling them since their hygienic conditions are optimal as well as the flavor of the pulp which has not been altered at all.

Wash the grapes with blends

A valid alternative to washing grapes under running water is to wash the grapes with various mixtures, depending on the products available at home: water and vinegar; water and bicarbonate, water and lemon; water and Amuchina.

Mixture of water and vinegar

To effectively eliminate bacteria and parasites from the surface of the grains. It is a mixture obtained with 3 deciliters of water and 1 deciliter of apple cider vinegar, which is the most disinfectant, is usually used. To make the cleansing of the grapes even more effective, it is preferable to use lukewarm water, even that from the tap is fine.

The bunch must remain completely immersed in the liquid for at least 10 minutes. Subsequently, it is better to pass the grapes under a jet of running water for 1 minute. And then dry them with a cloth or paper napkins, to eliminate the smell of vinegar.

It is always advisable to wait at least ten minutes before eating the grains from the vinegar. Even if diluted, could leave some traces on the peel. However, being a volatile substance, it easily disperses in the air.

Mixture of water and bicarbonate

The sodium bicarbonate is a salt that can be used either alone or mixed with the common table salt (sodium chloride): This is a compound in the form of a powder that must be dissolved in water with a ratio of 1: 3. Corresponding to one measure of salt and three of water.

Baking soda is a basically alkaline compound, with high cleaning power and sanitizing. It can eliminate all microorganisms and all pesticides on the grape skins. It is necessary to detach the berries from the bunch and place them in a clean bowl containing the aqueous solution of sodium bicarbonate, leaving them still for at least one minute.

Subsequently, the bunch must be treated with a vegetable brush. Consisting of very soft bristles that do not break the skin of the berries but clean it perfectly. The soaking phase with water and bicarbonate serves to dissolve the harmful substances deposited on the grapes, which in most cases tend to dry out and therefore adhere very much.

After brushing it, the fruit is ready to be eaten, even without removing the peel.

Mixture of water and lemon

Unlike bicarbonate which has a basic pH, lemon produces an essentially acidic juice, whose low pH is very effective as a natural disinfectant. By cleaning the grapes with a mixture of three deciliters of water and one deciliter of lemon. Perfect cleaning of the berries is determined, which, even without rinsing, can be eaten.

Those who love the sour taste of lemon will especially appreciate the taste of the beans cleaned with this blend, which leaves extremely pleasant aromatic traces. To make the grapes washed in this way even more fragrant. Some peels of the fruit can also be added to the container containing the mixture of water and lemon, which help to create an appetizing dessert.

Among other things, lemon is very rich in vitamin C and therefore allows grapes to strengthen their vitamin reserves.

Mixture of water and Amuchina

An excellent suggestion to be sure of perfectly cleansing the bunches of grapes is to use a mixture consisting of two deciliters of water and two deciliters of Amuchina, taking care to choose the one in solution. In this case, it is advisable to detach the grapes from the bunch, taking care not to break the skin at any point. And then put them in a colander which is in turn inserted into a bowl.

At this point, it is necessary to cover everything with the solution of water and Amuchina. The grapes must be left to soak for at least twenty minutes. Remembering to lift the colander every five minutes to stir the grapes it contains.

At the end of the treatment, it is advisable to place the colander under the tap. Even better if equipped with a mixer, to completely rinse the grapes and eliminate all traces of Amuchina. Although not absolutely toxic, this substance can leave not particularly pleasant aromatic traces that it is always preferable to eliminate with a careful rinse.

5 Tips for Running a Successful Restaurant

5 Tips for Running a Successful Restaurant

You want to introduce your amazing food to the public, but may feel a little shaky on the business side. Opening a restaurant is definitely as much about business as it is serving food people will love. I will help get you started on your culinary entrepreneurial path with five top tips for running a successful restaurant.

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  1. Get to know your target consumers. As with any business, it is important you do lots of research before deciding on your concept or type of restaurant, as well as mastering your food craft. For example, if you are going to open an area with lots of wealthy people, you may be thinking of opening a fine dining restaurant. Perhaps it might be a pop up restaurant or it may have a particular cuisine from a particular country you are well educated in. It’s important to hire a head chef that has years of experience and is able to please customers.
  2. Keep sufficient funds in reserve and plan your capital expenses for the next few months. This is a good idea to make sure that you don’t run out of money quickly as your amount of customers may decrease. Unfortunately, it is common for start-ups to face a financial slump quite soon after opening.

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  1. Show your employees that you value them. Restaurants are renowned for being very stressful environments to work in. The stress can cause some people to forget that their colleagues are humans with feelings, not food making or dishwashing machines.  Teamwork is vital for a successful kitchen, and this is achieved through respecting one another.
  2. Make sure to get a Food Hygiene Check (I recommend hygienecheck). Hygiene is of course extremely important when handling food. All of the kitchen staff should have food safety training as well as health and safety training.
  3. Have great customer service. Even if the food is amazing, if the waiters are rude, customers will not want to come back, so make sure you treat your customers as you’d like to be treated.

Top 10 Mexican hot sauces you should know

Characteristic of the “spicy” flavor Mexico has to its credit an extensive list of hot sauces that will give an adrenaline boost to all your meals, where the everyday is transformed into extraordinary (or extra spicy). Celebrate your day and eat spicily.

Mexican hot sauces are prepared based on four main ingredients: tomato, green tomato, chili, onion, and garlic. Sauces vary between these main ingredients as well as cooking techniques, combinations, and mixes.

When visiting a restaurant, street food stand, bazaar, event, party, or Mexican home, they always have an incredible variety of hot sauces on the table. If you try to cover them all, it would be an absurd claim since it is said that in almost every home Mexican families have a special sauce recipe and are experts in explosive combinations of one of the most important ingredients in their kitchen: chili.

They can be chilies of different “species” and depending on their origin, some are hotter than others.

Below, in burning order, are Mexico’s most famous hot sauces:


1. Drunk sauce

In honor of its name, this sauce is so named because it contains pulque (a typical Mexican alcoholic beverage, derived from agave) cooked green tomatoes, roasted pasilla chili peppers, hot water, garlic, oil, vinegar, salt, bay leaves and cheese. old.

Very spicy

2. Molcajete sauce

It is characterized by being made in one of the most emblematic tools of Mexican culture, a molcajete, as it appears in the photo is a kind of mortar but made with volcanic stone, which gives it a plus. Its main ingredients are large tomatoes (red tomatoes), serrano peppers, and salt to taste.

3. Ranch sauce

It consists of a mixture of onion, garlic cloves, jalapeño pepper, chili powder, peeled seedless tomatoes, oregano, fresh parsley, coriander, salt, black pepper, oil, and lemon zest.

4. Green sauce

Rich spicy sauce that has green tomatoes, serrano peppers, garlic cloves, and salt.

5. Mexican sauce

Famous for being used in eggs, this sauce has tomatoes, onion, serrano peppers, coriander, and salt.

6. Morita chili sauce

Made with Morita peppers (jalapeño pepper that, like chipotle, is dried and smoked), garlic, and salt.

7. Chipotle sauce

Here we have the chipotle sauce. One of the most famous for all who visit the country, it has had a lot of prominences and it is divine. It consists of chipotle peppers, which are smoked jalapeños (although chipotle sauces are also made with different types of chile). In this case, the chipotle sauce, apart from the chili, has salt, pepper, cloves, oregano, garlic, sugar, vinegar, oil, and water.

Too spicy

8. Tomato sauce

The main ingredient is tomato, then onion, fresh Arbol chiles, and salt.

9. Peanut Sauce

The delicious peanut-based sauce gives a magnificent touch to any taco you are about to try. Bring dried Arbol chiles, garlic, oil, vinegar, pepper, and salt to taste.

Water, please!

10. Habanero chili sauce

One of the hottest sauces. It is made with roasted habanero peppers, sour orange juice (or vinegar), and sweet orange juice. Would you dare

Organising the perfect barbeque

July and August are perfect barbecue months, with the colder weather behind us, the summer sun has lots of people looking forward to gatherings with their families and friends where they can fire up their barbeque and all enjoy some delicious food together,

In order to have the perfect event there are a couple of things that you will want to think about.

  • Timing – it is important to think about what time of day you want to have your barbeque. The day of the week you choose might have a bearing on this. If you are having a weekday get together the chances are you will probably have an early evening party, if however you are looking for weekend fun you might get people to gather in the afternoon. If your party is going to go on into the evening you might want to suggest your guest bring Aran Sweaters like the ones from Shamrock Gift, or their preferred outerwear, in case it goes chilly in the evening.
  • Food – make sure you have enough food for everyone and think about what people might like to eat. It is common for barbecues to have a number of different meat products such as burgers and sausages and there will also be a buffet of sides such as salads and pasta dishes. Don’t forget food for any children that will be at your gathering.

Passion fruit juice: the precious ally of your diet

Its enveloping aromas have made it the protagonist of many recipes and its evocative name goes beyond the fragrant pulp. We are talking about passion fruit, also known as passion fruit. It is a very popular product of nature, rich in valuable nutritional properties, antioxidants, and vitamins. You have probably also met him at the table and asked yourself: “But how the hell do you eat?”. Here are some tips to make it part of your diet and make the most of it in the kitchen.

What Is CBG Flower and What Is It Good For?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has exploded in popularity recently with many people praising the health benefits they experience when using products that contain this chemical. However, CBD is not the only helpful compound found in cannabis.

Benefits of purple vegetables

Among the different vegetables, green leafy ones are the richest nutritionally speaking, something that also carries over to purple vegetables.

How to Increase Your Restaurant Profits

It stands to reason that if you were to invest more time in learning how to increase your restaurant profits, you would probably come out ahead in the end. Of course this depends a lot on the type of restaurant you own, and how much you are willing to invest on your own time as well. In any case, you will be able to make more money when you know a bit about what goes into running a successful restaurant, as opposed to those who simply have a passion for food. For financial advice, speak to Accountants Swindon like Chippendale and Clark

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One of the first things that you can do in order to increase your restaurant profits is to make sure that you are using your downtime correctly. You need to leave some room for profit growth, but at the same time you must not be so serious about it that you lose the enjoyment out of your work day. For example, you may decide that the best way to maximize your profits is to bring in a new menu item into your restaurant that you feel strongly about. While you may be extremely proud of the idea, you need to make sure that you still spend some time socializing and entertaining customers with your old menu items. If you completely change your approach and focus entirely on the new menu, you may find yourself coming up short of profits.


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Another thing that you can do to learn how to increase your restaurant profits is to be willing to take risks with new dishes. Some people may turn their noses up at the idea of trying a new dish in their restaurant, but you should look at this as an opportunity to show your customers that you have more than one acceptable menu option.


Hot food or cold: what is best for health?

We care a lot about which foods are the healthiest and what portions are, but we rarely question what impact the temperature of the dishes can have on our health. Is it better to consume hot or cold dishes?

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