You will agree with me that there is nothing better than enjoying a good ice cream after a hot sunny day! But if you want to leave the house to find an ice cream shop not too far away, what do you do? Do you give up ice cream ?! Never! It is prepared at home without an ice cream maker!

A few days ago, talking to my friend Marina about her latest purchase, an ice cream maker, I got advice on ice cream to try without (I don’t have an ice cream maker!) And among the various flavors suggested I was intrigued by the one with walnuts. So back home I made up my mind and in less than 5 minutes it was ready! Creamy and very tasty, with pieces of nuts that make it irresistible! How about preparing walnut ice cream together ?! Let’s see what is necessary:

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  • 500 g Vegetable cream (or fresh cream)
  • 170 g Condensed milk
  • 100 g  Black Walnuts
  • 1-2 tablespoon Rum


  • After the success at home with  Nutella and Hazelnut Gelato without ice cream maker or eggs, preparing this with walnuts was really a pleasure! Making ice cream at home is really simple and you don’t necessarily need to use an ice cream maker, this recipe is proof of that! It will only take you a few minutes and you will get ice cream so good that you will never stop preparing it.
  • Take a large bowl and pour in the very cold liquid cream for desserts. To make sure it is cold, buy it the day before and leave it in the fridge. You can use both long-life vegetable cream (already sweetened) and fresh cream, in the latter case just add a couple of tablespoons of sugar and whip.
  • Add the condensed milk (a tube) and one / two tablespoons of Rum to the bowl and whisk until you get a smooth and soft cream.
  • Put the cream obtained in the fridge. Take a cutting board and coarsely chop (or into smaller pieces, adjust according to your tastes) the walnuts. The amount of nuts to use is subjective, I have put about 100 gr but you can also put less if you like less load Carico
  • Once all the nuts have been chopped, add them to the cream placed in the fridge and mix well with a spatula. Take a loaf pan, it is good from 28 to 31 cm, line it with parchment paper and pour your ice cream inside. Level and put in the freezer for at least three to four hours (preferably overnight, in fact, I prepared it the night before and the next day I indulged in my nice walnut ice cream!)
  • The liqueur is used for the preparation of homemade ice cream without an ice cream maker to maintain a soft consistency as much as possible and prevent the ice cream from freezing, thanks to the alcohol. I used Rum for this ice cream which settles perfectly with the ingredients used. Obviously, if you don’t like it, it is not an obligation to use it, it will mean that before serving it you will leave the ice cream a little longer at room temperature to walnut ice cream
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