A lotion pump acts like an air suction device that draws liquid products from a bottle into the consumer’s hand. This article will help you understand the different functions and types of lotion pumps.

Dip Tube

A dip tube for a lotion pump is a long plastic tube that extends the reach of a pump into the bottle. The length of a dip tube depends on the type of bottle the pump is used for. The tube should be cut to the proper length to maximize the output and prevent clogging. A dip tube is often made of LDPE plastic. Dip tubes are custom-made to fit each type of sprayer.

Lotion pumps for bottles are available in a variety of sizes and styles. The 24/410 treatment pump has a locking mechanism and several different lengths of dip tubes. Larger neck finish options are also available. There are two dip tubes for lotion pumps: a narrow dip tube and a thicker one. Different brands of pumps may feature different designs for their lotion bottles. While the size of a dip tube for a lotion pump will depend on the bottle, the main difference is the diameter and length of the plunger.

Spray Nozzle

Lotion pumps have become a popular item among manufacturers and consumers. They have the convenience of pumping the exact amount of product the user needs. Many pump types are available, including those with ribbed or smooth side surfaces and those with a shiny metal over shell. These are popular for a variety of reasons, including convenience and sustainability.

A typical lotion pump comprises a nozzle head and a piston rod, a connecting/guiding member, and a lower one-way valve. The pump is adapted to be connected to a bottle by a connecting/guiding member. The nozzle head is connected to a housing connected to the container’s cap. The housing has a lower one-way valve, a spring-like device that makes reciprocating motions within the pump.

Airless Pump

One of the biggest advantages of using an airless lotion pump for bottles is that they have no straw, which prevents product oxidation and increases shelf life. Also, they provide the perfect amount of lotion in a single squirt. These bottles have a capacity of 50ml, measuring 32mm in diameter and 152mm high. They are a great choice for traveling or preparing your skincare items.

Another benefit of these bottles is that they are reusable, preventing oxygenation from reaching the product. The bottles have molded platforms that create a vacuum inside the bottle. Unlike the standard lotion pump, they do not have dip tubes and are also aesthetically pleasing. In addition to their convenience, airless lotion pumps can be purchased in bulk. Some companies even offer custom applications for their products. Airless lotion pump bottles can be custom-made to fit any bottle design.

Packaging Solution

Lotion pumps are a great packaging option for lotions and other creams with a high viscosity. These pumps use a metal-free fluid pathway to dispense two ccs of liquid with each stroke. This kind of packaging solution can be aesthetically appealing and will also save space in a bathroom. Its shape and size allow for a unique look for the bottle. Lotion pumps can be manufactured in recyclable and FDA-approved materials, as well. Empty lotion pumps are available for testing purposes and as packaging samples.

Another common problem with lotion pumps is that the liquid does not get squeezed out completely. Many users will untwist the lid and use a dip tube to scrape the sides and bottom of the bottle. However, this will eventually lead to air being trapped in the bottle. The airless pump works by pushing a plate at the bottom of the bottle upward to disperse the product. In this way, the bottle is free from any air that may be trapped in the bottle.

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