Giving food as a gift is a no-brainer because everyone likes to eat. A gift basket of goodies or mixes is sure to delight young and old friends. There are numerous types of food gifts to choose from depending on individual tastes, so presents can be personalized accordingly.

Health Nut

It’s probably not a good idea to give a box of fudge to your health nut cousin, but one food that almost everyone loves is fruit. It may be that a birthday lines up with a seasonal fruit that is only available at certain times of year like peaches, but you won’t go wrong with variety boxes of fruit Jessup MD with something for everyone.

Aspiring Baker

Layered cookie jars filled with dry ingredients are equally great gifts to give to young relatives and older ones. Kids can really feel like they’re baking without adding a huge mess to clean up. Likewise, older relatives can extend their hospitality with fresh baked cookies without the hassle of keeping ingredients around that they might never use otherwise. Cookie jars are attractive and fun and work just as well if they are store bought or homemade.

Budding Mixologist

For the over 21 crowd, there are plenty of tasty mixology kits available. You can select a cocktail of the month subscription box for those who like to experiment or create your own infuser set. Pair a couple of Mason jars filled with a selection of infusers, recipe cards and add a bottle of spirits. Add as many extras as you like such as fun cocktail glasses or monogrammed coasters. Plan to reconnect with the mad scientist in a week or so for a tasting.

It’s hard to go wrong with a gift of food or drink. Unlike another scarf or pair of socks, edible treats will almost always be genuinely appreciated.

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