Whether you are in Houston for a vacation or a work trip, you need to schedule some time to enjoy this magical city. From morning to night, the city is alive with fun activities and delicious treats. Follow this guide for a perfect day in Houston.    


Start your morning with some gourmet roasted coffee Houston TX to help you get ready for the day. As you enjoy your coffee, start heading over to the Museum District. This area is home to 20 different organizations, museums, cultural centers and community spots to enjoy. Be sure to plan some time to walk through the Japanese garden. Then, make your way to the zoo to experience feeding the giraffes at one of the daily feedings. 


You can’t visit Houston without spending time at the Johnson Space Center. This spot hosts over 400 artifacts from space and permanent and traveling exhibitions. You’ll love learning about the history of the space program and the current status of space exploration. Don’t forget to take advantage of the learning experiences offered by real astronauts.  This amazing location puts you by the Nassau Bay Peninsula, the perfect spot to view some wildlife and enjoy the fresh air after a day of touring.  


After a full day, you’ll want to enjoy some of the fine dining options Houston hosts. You can try some Texan specialties or one of the many international cuisines available here. After dinner, make your way to one of the many live music venues. This city offers something for everyone, whether you prefer jazz, rock or country. Take the time to see who is playing and where. Remember, you can always enjoy more than one spot to experience the full array of the Houston music scene. 

No matter what you do, you’re going to love your time in this exciting city. 

Stephanie Cleghorn

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