More and more people eat at restaurants or cafes, however it is known that the frequency of which we eat restaurant food, is related to a higher body weight and a higher percentage of fat. If we eat five days a week away from home, we will rise approximately 4.5 kilograms a year. In this article, we will discuss 8 tips for healthy eating in a restaurant during the Christmas season.

Restaurants have realized that more and more people are looking for healthy choices, and they have gradually started to include healthier choices and smaller portions. I know that at this Christmas time, it is much more common to have meals away from home, so I give you some tips for choosing the best options from a restaurant menu.

  1. Choose the restaurant:

Take your time to choose the restaurant in which they will meet, focus on those who have healthy or light portions. Most restaurants have a copy of their menu on the website so you can get an idea before you get to the place. If you already have an idea of what you will order, it will be easier for you to choose better food options during the day.

  1. Eat a snack before you leave:

It probably sounds weird, but eating a protein-rich snack a few hours before you leave for the meeting can reduce your appetite and help you select healthier foods. If you get super hungry at the restaurant, chances are you get stuck in bread.

  1. Read the menu carefully:

The key to preparing a dish, and the ingredients used, often appears in the menu description. Be careful with the dishes that contain the following words: “creamy”, “crisp”, “fried”, “breaded”, “to butter”, among others, surely not be the healthiest options. Best look for dishes with grilled, roasted, steamed, poached or baked foods. Fats are not fought with a healthy diet, but the type of fat does make a difference.

  1. Focus on healthy menu choices:

Many restaurants have healthy options in their menus, and the truth is that the vast majority, are very rich and creative options, in addition generally specify their caloric content. These options usually include fish, seafood, or grilled, steamed, or baked chicken, salads with vinaigrettes, marinated vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

Share the dessert
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  1. Menu:

Ask for changes in the dishes. Most restaurants today are accustomed to having special diets or asking that certain foods be removed because they are allergic or intolerant, so always ask if they can change any ingredients on the plate. For example, if a dish comes with French fries, gratinated potatoes or macaroni and cheese, ask if they can be substituted for steamed or grilled vegetables. If you ask for a saucer with a lot of sauce or dressing, ask to be brought separately so that you decide the amount you put.

  1. Take care of the portion:

Remember that everything is in balance and in the size of the portions. Many times the portions of a dish in a restaurant contain the same amount of calories that you should consume throughout the day. It’s known that when portions are larger, most people tend to eat between 30% -50% more. To solve this, you can share with the people who accompany you or just order one dish instead of two or three.

  1. Eye with drink:

Most people do not take into account the calories that the drinks they consume while they eat, whether it’s a soda or an alcoholic beverage. A glass of wine contains between 120-150 calories per glass, but some cocktails may contain up to 350 calories per glass. It is best to ask for water or mineral water, even if you ordered an alcoholic beverage, as this will help you fill up faster and prevent you from ordering less alcohol, as well as helping you to hydrate.

  1. Share the dessert:

Many restaurants are accustomed to serving the dessert with several spoons and forks. Stick with your table, and order a dessert to share.



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