In summer, one of the most common resources to enjoy family and friends is the gathering around the barbecue or grill coals. To vary and not always resort to barbecues based on meat products, today we tell you seven tricks to make a fish barbecue perfect.

If to these specific tricks for the fish you add those that we tell you here for the organization of a perfect fish barbecue, its complements, etc., you will practically have the guaranteed success, as long as you choose quality fish.

perfect fish barbecue

Although each teacher has his booklet and each grill has its own technique, today we try to give you the keys to improve your fish barbecues. You will surely use these seven tricks to improve your fish barbecues.

1. Fish preparation

perfect fish barbecue

The previous preparation of the pieces to be cooked is very important and influences the taste that the fish will have after going through the grill. You can roast the whole or chopped fish, which will depend on the cooking time and the techniques used to guarantee its juiciness.

You can cook it with or without the scales, but you always have to ask the fishmonger to remove the guts and guts from the fish by means of an incision in the central area or by extracting them through the gills.

In the case of whole fish, the thicker the fish, the easier it will be to turn it around without breaking it. In small or thin fish or when we roast loins or pieces of fish, it is preferable to use the grilled fish method by placing it on a sheet of aluminum foil, which will help us cook both sides without destroying the piece when turning.

2. Choose techniques according to the format and size of the fish

perfect fish barbecue

If the piece is larger than a serving fish, it is convenient to make diagonal cuts that will facilitate cooking of the inside. In these cuts, it is convenient to add oil or broth frequently, so that the fish does not dry out. They will also help us control the point of the fish to know when it is ready and that we are not overcooked.

If the fish is going to be chopped, it is convenient to leave it in a marinade or a previous maceration. In addition, this maceration liquid can be used to make the sauce that can be served with the fish once cooked on the grill.

Another way to make grilled fish is to form packages or papillotes, putting the fish wrapped in aluminum foil and incorporating oil or butter, a few drops of wine, mixtures of spices, filleted garlic or a bouquet of aromatic herbs that will enhance your flavor.

3. How high to put the rack on the coals

perfect fish barbecue

Whoever is preparing to prepare a fish barbecue, must know how to play with the distance of the piece with respect to the embers. The experience is what will give us the possibility to calculate this distance automatically taking into account the size of the fish and the intensity of the fire or power of the embers.

It is essential to adjust the distance between them and the piece, avoiding flames that can calcify the skin or even the meat of the fish. Ideally, place the fish about 20 cm away from the coals, moving the grill up or down to find the point where the skin crackles and creaks, but cooking does not fire.

4. The process of grilling fish on the grill

perfect fish barbecue

During the process, the juices move and a crusty crust forms on the outside of the fish. It is important that the embers burn with a uniform intensity so that the heat source affects the entire piece equally. It is convenient to wait until the embers have a grayish color and distribute them well by the surface of the grill. The type of embers – firewood, coal or vine shoots – will bring different aromas to our roasted fish.

Throughout the cooking, it is important to turn the fish to cook on both sides. It can be very good to have a cage or besuguera grill that helps us to comfortably turnaround the piece preventing it from spoiling at that time.

5. Control cooking times

perfect fish barbecue

Control cooking times, is the most important and here the experience is our best ally. During the process, to prevent our fish from drying out, it should be smeared with oil or other dressings, repeating frequently. The type of seasoning used will give the fish an extra flavor.

We will know that fish barbecue is ready when its meat has an intense white color and is easily broken by pricking it with a fork. For open fish, we can know that they are already at their point when we can lift the scrape effortlessly, immediately removing the fish at that time.

The heat of the embers will have been penetrating from the outside moving towards the center or heart of the piece until it is at its point. Keep in mind that fish meat continues to cook slightly after removing the piece from the grill, so you have to take the fish a little before they are ready.

6. Dressings and side dishes

perfect fish barbecue

It is very pleasant to enjoy a fish cooked on the grill if you add a dressing or vinaigrette, either before using the maceration technique, during the passage through the grill or at the time of serving.

Garlic and parsley work with oil and a few drops of vinegar, the classic garlic refried with chili, oil, vinegar and paprika or practically any dressing that carries a liquid element accompanied by spices or aromatic herbs.

As for the side dishes, for your barbecues and fish barbecue we recommend these potatoes to tarragon, the classic potatoes to the poor without forgetting salads and roasts of other vegetable elements such as grilled vegetables .

7. Other grills of seafood products that are interesting

perfect fish barbecue

The fish skewers are easy to prepare and are in no time. Instead of always resorting to chicken or pork lean skewers – which of course are always delicious – we recommend that you also try to prepare monkfish skewers or salmon skewers that will surprise everyone with their intense flavor after passing by the embers.

You can also skewer some sardines and make yourself some salad, which will surprise you with their flavor and juiciness in a few minutes. Finally, we cannot fail to name the seafood barbecues, whose taste is very different from when we cook them using the cooking technique or the iron.

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