Masterchef 2015 winner Simon Wood opened a restaurant in Manchester called Wood Manchester. The TV celebrity chef  revealed the menu that will be served when his eatery opened. Diners are able to choose dishes from the a la carte menu, the blind tasting menu, or the special Masterchef menu.

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Diners at Wood Manchester choose to sit in the restaurant or at the chef’s table. Some people might also love the idea of being able to taste the exact same dishes that won Simon Wood the title in the popular TV series, Masterchef. His dream of cooking for a living started at age 8 when he won a competition to be anything for the day and he chose to be a chef. Now his childhood dream is reality!

A La Carte Menu

On the a la carte menu is a tasty dish such as mushroom ravioli with sage and chestnut, smoked gnocchi, and pigeon with fig. Other delicacies include duck with peach and hazelnuts, and chicken, chorizo, black olives and saffron. Some of the delicious desserts include beurre gelato.

Tasting Menu

The tasting menu will perhaps attracts the most diners thanks to its eclectic mix of flavours and ever-changing offerings. The menu will change with the seasons. Diners will only be shown the menu on the night, printed on a special scroll. This menu must be booked in advance. If you want to sit at the chef’s table, you must book for Friday or Saturday night.

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The Commercial Kitchen

One of the most important things Simon Wood had to prepare when opening his restaurant was the kitchen.  He had to decide what staff to hire in the Head chef spot, what produce to buy and where from making sure it was all fresh ingredients.  If he wanted fresh fish he could choose to have it caught at the sea side and delivered to his restaurant door with a Slough Same Day Courier found at sites imcluding  Ensuring he has suitable commercial warewashers will be a top priority to make sure all crockery and utensils can be washed quickly and effectively. Having reliable warewashers ensures the smooth running of a commercial kitchen.

Booking in Advance

If you want to visit the restaurant as soon as possible, you can book tables in advance right now. Tables are available for reservation from his online booking system is available at the restaurant’s website.

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