Where to eat in Copenhagen is one of the first questions I asked myself when I knew that I would return to this beautiful city that I love. I still did not know, however, that in addition to the city I would return home in love with Danish cuisine.

Because of my first time in Copenhagen I remembered a delicious slice of black bread garnished with every good thing. I didn’t remember what it was called, I just remembered that it was very good.

Eat Smorrebrod in Copenhagen

But let’s go step by step and first of all we know the King of Danish cuisine, one of the typical dishes of Denmark: the Smorrebrod, a rye sandwich, open and rich in filling, born in the nineteenth century and today present in many restaurants, including high level, of the capital.

Smorrebrod is an extremely Hygge food (and if you don’t know what the Danish art of happiness is or where to find it in Copenhagen, we invite you to read this article) which brings attention back to traditional foods and very popular street food, today, in every part of the world.

In numerous bars, restaurants and cafes in Copenhagen Smorrebrod is the lunch food par excellence, so let’s find out where to eat Smorrebrod in Copenhagen together.

Where to eat in Copenhagen? Aamanns Etablissement

Chef Adam Aamann’s restaurant (you will also find a corner at the airport) and his team famous all over Copenhagen is first of all appreciated by the real locals who come here to eat Smorrebrod  watered with schnapps and local organic beer.

Where to eat in Copenhagen? Torvehallerne market

A few meters from Nørreport station, in Frederikssborgade, there is the main food market in Copenhagen where you can buy typical Danish products and taste street food of Danish cuisine. Here we tried our first Smorrebrod .

Where to eat in Copenhagen? Hahnemanns Kokken

A little out of the center stands this super bio and extremely Hygge venue whose atmosphere alone is worth the trip. Here we witnessed for the first time the Danish custom of letting small children sleep inside the wheelchair outside the club because the food is so healthy that the new mothers have elected it as a meeting point. The decor is gorgeous and the Smorrebrods are mouth-watering.

Smorrebrod is not the only typical Danish food we have tasted in Copenhagen, we have had the pleasure of dining in two places that have really left their mark and that we absolutely recommend you to visit when you are in Copenhagen looking for where to eat.

Where to eat in Copenhagen? Bio Mio

Bio Mio is an organic bistro in the most hypster area of Copenhagen, Vesterbro, set up in a former hardware store. All they need is organic and their mission is to make collaborations focused on sustainability. The water is served in bottles of wine recovered in Borneo and Southeast Asia.

Each product comes from small family industries that respect the environment. During the day Bio Mio is a coworking while in the evening it is possible to have dinner with a three-course tasting menu.

Where to eat in Copenhagen? Absalon

You shouldn’t miss a dinner here. For us, the Absalon was the experience with the capital E that we had in Copenhagen. A unique experience. A social dinner is staged every evening in a former deconsecrated church that the municipality has made available for works for the community.

Long tables welcome guests who do not know each other but who are invited, after a moment of welcome by the chef, to eat together, helping themselves with the service and fostering the knowledge among the diners.

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