When the months get warm, a fun family activity to do is to visit your local farmers market. There is a wide variety of items you can look at and purchase while enjoying the pleasant weather and the members of your community. Here are a few things that you can find.

Fruits and Vegetables

This venue is primarily known as a source for fresh farm produce andover nj. Many vendors will have fruits and vegetables that they have grown in their gardens, orchards, and fields. They may also offer other edible products, such as jams, that come from the items they have grown. The stock that they have onhand each market will depend on what is being harvested at the time and their selection will change every time they are there. If you are looking for a particular type of food, research when it is picked in your part of the country then plan to attend soon after that.

Eggs and Meat

Some of the farmers in your area might also bring fresh eggs to sell to those who attend the event. If they have livestock and access to a nearby butcher, they will offer beef, pork or chicken as well. These offerings are fresher than you would find in the store and have a better flavor. Keep in mind that you should keep these vendors as last on your list if you want to buy these items. Once you have your meat and eggs, your time will be limited to get them home and in your refrigerator or freezer.

Craft Items

Artisans use farmers markets as a way to get what they create into the hands of someone who would like to buy it. There will be things as practical as aprons, hot pads, and towels with fun phrases or designs on them to wood crafts and paintings.

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