Cannabidiol, or CBD, has exploded in popularity recently with many people praising the health benefits they experience when using products that contain this chemical. However, CBD is not the only helpful compound found in cannabis.

Like the more well-known CBD, CBG flower is used by many people looking for the health advantages of cannabinoids without the intoxicating effects of THC.

If you are considering alternatives to CBD, you probably have many questions about CBG. Here is what you should know about this increasingly popular product.

What is CBG Flower?

Cannabigerol, referred to as CBG, is a compound found in hemp. Though the natural cannabis plant typically has lower concentrations of CBG, a special kind of hemp plant, called CBG flower, has been bred with higher levels of this sought-after chemical.

What Are the Benefits of Using CBG Flower?

Though studies are still ongoing, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that users of CBG experience a range of health benefits.

CBG interacts with your endocannabinoid system, which works to regulate everything from your mood to your immune system. Many people report that consuming this product helps to alleviate anxiety and insomnia and increase focus and appetite. Additionally, CBG may have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial uses.

Some studies suggest a positive connection between CBG and the treatment of the following illnesses:

  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer
  • Bladder disorders
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Bacterial infections

If you are considering using any cannabinoid product to treat an illness, you should first consult your doctor as some of these products may have interactions with other medications. Your physician can help you understand if CBG is an appropriate addition to your treatment plan.

What Is the Difference Between CBG Flower and CBD?

While CBD and CBG come from the same species of plant, manufacturers will extract each chemical from plants that have been bred to have higher concentrations of the individual compounds. Both work in the body in slightly different ways, though they may have some of the same benefits. CBG interacts more directly with neuroreceptors in the brain, while CBD works indirectly with those same receptors.

Most people report that CBG has a milder effect than CBD, though the exact impact of both compounds will vary from person to person. Many CBD users will also use CBG flowers to boost individual results. Though more research is available for CBD, interest in the effects of CBG has led more people to study this compound.

Is CBG Intoxicating?

Tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC, is the chemical found in the cannabis plant that makes people high. CBG does not have the same psychoactive properties, meaning people can utilize these products without becoming intoxicated.

CBG flower is becoming increasingly popular as people explore alternatives to more well-known CBD products. Though it acts similarly to other cannabinoids, some studies suggest CBG may have additional health benefits. These health considerations, along with the milder effect of the product, may make this the right product for you if you are looking to try new options.

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