If you find yourself suddenly obsessed with getting out in the garden for some reason, perhaps because you have been stuck in your home for two weeks with nothing to do but telecommute and think about where to get hand soap and sanitizer. If this is your first time getting into gardening, here are some basic principles to get you started.

Soil, Food and Water

You might think you know what plants need. Dirt and water, right? Did you know that there are different kinds of dirt? Did you know that plants also need food? To learn about plant nutrition Fond Du Lac WI or your area, ask your local garden supply store about what a plant needs and whether your garden can provide.


You probably know that plants need sunlight. You may even know that different plants need different amounts of sunlight. Be careful with sun exposure, even with indoor plants. Moving a plant from a shaded area to a sunny one can be bad for them, even if they are a sun lover. Even succulents and cacti can get sunburn in the right situation.


If your plants are dying and you can’t figure out why, you might be in the wrong zone. Different climatic regions are called “zones” by the USDA, and different plants will thrive or die depending on the zone. Also be aware that as the climate continues to change, so too might your zone. Look at the label of that plant you just bought, and it will probably have details about what kind of soil and food it wants, how often to water, and what zones are best for it.

Mastering these basics will put you well on the way to having the garden of your dreams. Next, you can start thinking about blooming time, about foliage, perennials, annuals and companion plants. This is just the beginning of an exciting new hobby!

Russell Gross

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