Today, we talk 5 surprising health properties of garlic. Garlic can sometimes be presented as a little glamorous food or little ragout: indeed, it does not necessarily have the most pleasant smell that is. However, its qualities are multiple and it is particularly excellent for our health. Garlic is a bit like a magical food, a grandmother’s secret that can cure big ailments like little sores. Used in different ways across different ages and cultures, it remains at the center of the most effective health tips. And for good reason, garlic has undeniable and amazing qualities.

We suggest you discover five health properties of garlic that will probably surprise you and will make you want to cook it with all the sauces (or simply to eat it). And then fresh garlic, it can be consumed without moderation!

Here are our 5 healthy properties of garlic that you probably do not know!

1. Garlic purifies the blood

Garlic is a special food with many qualities for our health. It is especially excellent for our blood system and purifies our blood. Indeed, one of the health properties of garlic is that it removes certain impurities in our blood, making it cleaner. This has effects on our health as well as oxygen flows more freely in our blood vessels, but also our beauty. Blood is indeed what transmits oxygen in our body, the brain and heart, in particular, our but also one that transmits different diseases and bacteria. To purify one’s blood is to purify oneself and garlic is a miracle cure for that.

properties of garlicIndeed, when impurities exist in our blood, they often resurface in the form of pimples on our skin or black spots. Eating garlic on a daily basis, whether it’s chewing on a pod, incorporating it into a salad or putting some in your tea, will have beneficial effects on your health and beauty by improving your blood circulation. Even the growth of your hair will benefit in this way. We do not say no! Continue reading:  5 Healthy properties of olives

2. Garlic heals colds

Another of the health properties of garlic: it heals colds. Indeed, garlic consumed in any form helps treat colds, sinusitis or fungal infections. It has been used as a cure for these problems for 7000 years and is more effective than some tablets that can be bought in commerce or pharmacy. Garlic has the advantage of being natural, inexpensive since we all have it in our kitchens and easy to use. Choose the shape you like most. When we have ideas, we can consume garlic in multiple forms all more delicious than each other. Right now, we dream of garlic bread or pasta with pesto with garlic. Yum!

properties of garlicAnd then, you do not have to bite into a pod. It is quite conceivable not to appreciate the taste of garlic. We can hide it by incorporating it into a soup for example. The trick is played: and then if you have a cold, nothing better than a good hot soup, is not it? The key is to find the way to consume it that best suits you to treat your cold without being tortured, and most effectively.

3. Garlic is good for the heart

Garlic is also good for the heart. Indeed, it has the property of naturally and drastically lowering the cholesterol in our blood. Cholesterol is responsible for many cardiovascular disorders. Cholesterol control is complex for people who suffer from high cholesterol. But nothing more simple to regulate it with garlic, consume a little every day and limit your fat intake. Your cardiovascular health is extremely important, so you have to be extremely careful. Garlic helps to prevent and reduce worries related to excess cholesterol. So we take advantage of these healthy properties of garlic that can eventually add us to life expectancy.

properties of garlicGarlic coupled with your efforts to eat in a healthier and balanced way will have beneficial effects on your health and your heart will thank you. We know how important it is to take care of your body without getting your head wet. And in this case, garlic is your friend for life! As with previous tips, choose to eat garlic in the way you like best and incorporate it into your favorite diet recipes. Garlic raises the taste but can also go unnoticed depending on how you prepare it.

4. Garlic is an anti-bacterial

One of the many healthy properties of garlic: it is anti-bacterial. What does that mean? Well just that it can act as an antiseptic. If you cut yourself, you can gently rub garlic on the wound to clean it and make it heal better. Likewise, eating it can help prevent bacterial, fungal infections and even the appearance of certain parasites. Rubbing garlic on a wart, for example, will make it disappear more quickly.

properties of garlicThis function of garlic can be obtained by using the latter in all its forms: raw or cooked, chewable or in tea, salad or even dessert if you feel the adventurous spirit! We dare garlic in all its forms to be healthier! Choose according to the type of bacteria you have to treat. If it is a rash such as a wart, it is preferable to rub garlic directly on it. To treat a cold, however, it is preferable to consume garlic in a tea or a dish. Think about how you want to use it so that the way you use garlic is as effective as possible.

5. Garlic is good for skin and hair

Garlic is also good for the skin and for the hair. Indeed, it has anti-oxidant properties and greatly limits the production of free radicals, responsible for signs of aging such as wrinkles or even hair loss. Consuming garlic is therefore good for your beauty too, since it helps to reduce all signs of aging caused by free radicals naturally produced by our body. For its effect to be optimal, it can be used as a mask on the hair or consume it through its diet. Both ways will have positive outcomes for you, and your skin and hair will thank you for it.

properties of garlicTo fight against the loss of your hair with garlic, use garlic oil applied to your roots. If you want to grow them faster, mix garlic juice and honey and leave the preparation on your hair for one hour before rinsing with cold water and washing your hair from root to tip. And you, do you know other health properties of garlic?

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