There are many reasons why people lose their hair — hormones, aging and genetics. Stress also contributes to hair loss due to its impact on hormone levels. Any number of difficult events can lead to a sudden loss of hair, or hair that doesn’t regenerate. Usually, it grows back over time, but in the meantime, the situation can be a source of anxiety and self-consciousness. Thankfully, there are effective ways to improve your current circumstances and decrease the chance of hair loss in the future. Here are several tips. 

1. Address Health Issues

Medical conditions and hormonal imbalances can contribute to hair loss. Iodine deficiency and low thyroid are common culprits. Though supplements and medications can be helpful, they have the potential to throw your hormonal balance off-kilter. Also, high cortisol from stress can cause alterations in blood flow that affect the nourishment of the hair follicle. 

2. Maintain Good Hair Care and Hygiene

Be mindful of the way you wash your hair. Make sure not to pull back hard on your hair so that there’s too much traction on the follicles. The way you comb makes a difference too. Washing and combing your hair forward puts less stress on the roots. Also, use a hot hairdryer as infrequently as possible. If you need professional support, try searching hair restoration Westchester County NY to find specialists offering individualized consultation and care. 

3. Prioritize Good Nutrition

Restrictive diets may have a nutritional impact on your hair loss. It’s important to eat a balance of proteins, carbs and fat — whole foods. It’s also a good idea to take a multivitamin that includes vitamins C, B complex, A, D and E along with iodine, zinc and iron. All may make a healthy contribution to your hair’s vitality. 

Preventing hair loss requires a holistic, multifaceted approach. Try these tips to enhance your hair’s health.

Russell Gross

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