Wondering how you can best entertain your family and friends at home? The answer is obvious – add fun options to your outdoor space! Turn your backyard into an entertainment paradise by making these three major upgrades.

1. Install a Pool

When it comes to backyard luxury, there’s nothing quite like an impressive swimming pool. Nowadays, swimming pools can fit even into the tightest of budgets. If you’re working on a budget to upgrade your backyard, choose an above-ground pool which can be purchased cheaply and installed quickly.

2. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

The classic backyard dinner party is an outdoor entertaining option that everyone loves. Take your dinner parties and cookouts to the next level by installing a full outdoor kitchen, complete with a built-in grill and smoker over, as well as an outdoor refrigerator and kegerator. To help you design a functional and attractive outdoor cooking space, consult your local specialist in al fresco dining Saratoga Springs NY. They’ll assist you through every step of the process, from design to construction of a kitchen that allows you to effectively cook and grill full meals outdoors.

3. Build a Mini Golf Course

It may sound crazy, but building a mini golf course in your backyard is entirely doable, if you have some extra space. Replace the natural turf in your chosen spot with artificial grass. This will give you that golf course feeling, and as a bonus, it’s low-maintenance. You’ll also need to decide where to place the holes that will allow you to practice your putts. Place potted plants and statuary to serve as obstacles and make it a challenge.

Enjoy the beauty of nature in the company of family and friends by making these exciting outdoor upgrades. If you’re able to complete this entire list, you’ll have a private backyard paradise that you’ll never want to leave!

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