If you are planning to host a St Patrick’s Day dinner party, one thing that will always impress at the end of the meal is a decadent Irish coffee. These are simple to make but will ‘wow’ your guests and are the perfect thing to finish a dinner party with. Here is the method to make the perfect Irish coffee.

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The coffee

For such a delicious treat, there is no point in using low-quality coffee. Choose a strong, full-bodied ground coffee for this. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but instant coffee does not really cut the mustard. Look for a rich grind and make sure that you brew to the recommended instructions. Simply pour the ground coffee into a cafetiere, wait for the time specified on the pack of coffee and gently push the plunger down.

The whiskey

Arguably, the most important part of an Irish coffee is the whiskey. The people at The Independent have compiled a list of the ten best Irish whiskeys. Jameson Caskmates comes out on top, highly rated for its full body and notes of cocoa and vanilla.

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The method

Begin by brewing the coffee. While you are waiting for this, whip double cream until it thickens. You don’t need it to form ‘peaks’, just enough so that the cream will sit on top of the coffee. When the coffee is ready, pour a measure in to a latte glass. Usually, you would fill the glass about half-way with the coffee. If you wanted to incorporate St Patricks Day gifts in to this dinner party, you can buy beautiful glasses from specialist websites such as https://www.shamrockgift.com/st-patricks-day. Your guests can take the glasses home with them afterwards. To the coffee, add a measure (or two!) of the Irish whiskey and half a teaspoon of brown sugar. You need to stir the black coffee until the sugar has dissolved. Wait until the coffee has settled and spoon on the cream. The cream should sit on top of the coffee giving a beautifully layered look.

For an added ‘wow’ factor, grate a good-quality chocolate onto the top of the coffee. Serve the coffee to your guests at the end of a dinner party as the perfect finishing touch.

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