Next time you make a pasta dish, why not use flavored pasta? It can add a lot of flavor to your pasta dishes. It is pasta made with extra ingredients to give it a bold new flavor. While mostly vegetables are used, some pastas are made with fruit, seafood, or even squid ink! The Linguine with Squid Ink has a nice seafood flavor while Red Chili Linguine is hot and spicy.

Pappardelle Pasta

Here are eight pastas you might want to try out.

Flavored pasta can bring new life to your meal. For example, the linguine with squid ink goes great with tuna sauce. It is made with natural squid ink. It has a rich, “ocean” flavor that will complement any seafood meal. It can be used with any seafood sauce such as, clam or mussel sauce. Why not try it with octopus?

Made with Italian hot pepper, the Linguine with Peperoncino has a mild spicy flavor. Use it with light sauces such as garlic butter sauce, tomato sauce, or garlic olive oil parsley sauce. Not overpowering, the red pepper adds just enough heat to give your meal the extra kick it needs.

Next time you make a pasta dish that calls for mushrooms, use the Porcini Mushroom Tagliatelle pasta. This makes a nice bases for any dish that uses mushrooms. This pasta also enhances the flavor of your favorite vegetables; use the pasta water to steam them.

Lemon & Black Pepper Infused Linguine – This is another pasta that goes well with seafood. It has a light lemon flavor with just a touch of black pepper. This would be great with salmon, shrimp, or even lobster.

Need something gluten-free? How about corn linguine? Yes, you read that right. This is made entirely from corn and was created specifically for gluten-free recipes. Make this colorful pasta with fresh basil, shrimp, garlic, tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese.

Use the Pappardelline Pasta infused with Tomato with your next tomato-based dish. This pasta is perfect with raw or lightly cooked fresh tomatoes. Its twisted shape grips oils and sauces to it for more flavor in every bite. It is excellent with bolognese sauce.

Tagliatelle Pasta infused with Saffron – Yet another pasta that goes with just about anything. Long and flat, you can use this versatile pasta with cream, wine, or tomato sauces. This pasta goes great with shellfish and chicken.

Just remember one thing when using flavored pastas; make sure the flavors are compatible with each other. You do not want to mix the Squid Ink linguine with tomato sauce!

And for kids, you should make Five Color Bowtie Pasta – A nice colorful meal for both young and old. Its shape and colors are very popular and make a nice addition to a salad or pasta dish.

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