Even if for many the concept of rice pasta refers to oriental cuisine. In reality, today different formats are also available on the Italian market, including brown rice pasta. In fact, more and more companies offer gluten-free products suitable for the diet of those suffering from celiac disease. But also for those who want to enjoy new flavors. Obviously, the vast majority of traditional Italian recipes can also be made with wheat-free products, what will change will be the flavor of the final dish which will be different from the traditional dish.

Traditional recipes

Rice pasta differs from wheat-based pasta, as well as in taste, also in cooking times, and methods. Thanks to its versatility, this type of pasta are perfect both for the tastiest traditional recipes and for those that mix delicately. And not too aggressive flavors, which rice flour will best enhance. We can therefore prepare an excellent traditional carbonara. Or decide to opt for a fresher and lighter courgette carbonara, prepared with diced courgettes, eggs, and parmesan. If we love sauce and fish we can use rice flour pasta to prepare delicious spaghetti allo scoglio based on clams, mussels, and tomatoes. Those who follow a vegetarian diet can delight the palate of their guests with a tasty pasta made with ricotta and spinach. For a quick and fresh meal, we can prepare a classic cold pasta salad. As you would do with rice grains, based on vegetables and light cheeses.

Delicious flavors for an unconventional pasta

Since we are talking about a type of pasta with a flavor that acts more as a support. We can also dare with slightly more original recipes than traditional ones. For those who love to try new flavors, rice pasta is also ideal for a nice first course to be seasoned with speck, mountain cheese. And red currant, whose acidity makes the dish more delicious. Another intriguing idea is to dress pasta, simply cooked al dente in abundant salted water, with a beef stew. Or even with a spicy and tasty vegetable or meat curry. To make this type of sauce perfect, just prepare it as usual, then move a good amount of it into a large pan, heat it. And saute it with the pasta, drained one or two minutes before perfect cooking. Adding a couple of cups of cooking water allows you to finish cooking it. Making curry or stew even tastier and more consistent. These sauces will perfectly coat the pasta, giving the dish around an enveloping flavor.

Cook the rice pasta in the best possible way

To obtain a perfect dish it is also worth remembering that this type of product is cooked in a slightly different way than the more classic wheat-based pasta, which we are all used to. The cooking times indicated in the package must be observed to the second. Considering that this type of pasta must not be “al dente”. But cooked correctly, thus avoiding that it has an excessively invasive flavor.

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