If you are a food critic, you will certainly have undergone numerous food taste tests over the years and most likely you were quite impressed with the results! Of course, being a critic means that what you liked and disliked is written about either online or in publications and the positive views will certainly build up a great opinion of the restaurant and will be used by Food PR Companies like https://www.leapfrogpr.com/food-pr/ in their promotion of a particular establishment.

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Food critics always have their own methods when tasting the food that they are reviewing, and in the case of food taste tests, there are three main categories that they usually use. These include aroma, taste and fragrance. Although there are other factors that could affect your enjoyment of a dish, these three things will be able to provide you with the information that you need in order to make a decision.

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These critic, much like chefs will have very refined palettes and although there are many mystery shopper vacancies where you can visit a restaurant for free in return for a review of your experience, these are much more geared towards the reviewing the environment and the customer services rather than providing a detailed report and analysis of the quality and flavours of the food.

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