Hamburgers are one of the most required preparations by thousands of palates in the world, and those who follow a vegetarian diet have varied options to celebrate with a tasty feast and vegetable ingredients, we bring a list full of nutrients with ideas to do with vegetables and cereals.

When serving a hamburger, some classic ingredients are considered, such as lettuce, tomato, pickles, if you like, condiments and other dressings, such as mayonnaise. What do you think if you try, also, another type of mayonnaise? Because there are avocado, potato and carrot, and almonds, exquisite, fresh and creamy options that fulfill the role of flavoring and add health to your vegetarian burger.

Do not forget the bread. Why not do it at home? A tasty and fluffy bread to assemble your hamburger, made without eggs, or dairy. With all these ideas, any day is great for cooking hamburgers, and today you have 7 healthy options to enjoy, cooking.

7 vegetarian burger recipes are given:

  • Delicious Portobello burger
  • Chickpea and Italian squash burgers
  • Vegetarian hamburger in the style of the Old West
  • The good mix of zucchini and carrots
  • With that cereal that delights palates
  • Another use for lentils
  • With red beans
  1. Delicious Portobello burger: When you make the change to the vegetarian diet, one of the pleasant surprises that you can take is to try vegetarian dishes such as this hamburger, which both in texture and flavor is very close to meat. If you are one of those who thinks that vegetarians have a hard time, do not stop preparing this option, so you can see that it is the opposite.
  2. Chickpea and Italian squash burgers: Do you want to try different hamburgers? This is your chance. Try this version with chickpeas and Italian squash to taste at lunchtime. These burgers are accompanied by a fresh salad that will soon be one of your favorites because it takes carrot sauteed, in a few minutes, Greek-style natural yogurt and seasoned with a pinch of salt, garlic powder and the magic of olive oil.
  3. Vegetarian hamburger in the style of the Old West: This version also has beans, although it adds two ingredients full of fiber and vitamin A, respectively, brown rice and sweet potato squash. In addition, some ingredients intervene with the touch of spiciness that is appreciated and does not regret.

    The good mix of zucchini and carrots
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  4. The good mix of zucchini and carrots: The zucchini, also called Italian zucchini or zucchini, makes a good team with carrots, a touch of soy and the consistency of oats. Try this recipe and solve an exquisite and healthy lunch in a few minutes.
  5. With that cereal that delights palates: The quinoa burger is another format that well uses this nutritious and versatile cereal. You only have to prepare it in advance to unite with onion, ginger, garlic, flour, and oats. Some hamburgers that can be baked or in a pan; to serve to choose your favorite bread or on a plate with salad or sauteed potatoes, irresistible.
  6. Another use for lentils: Yes, like soup, cream or salad the lentils are great, a load of protein and iron for your body that can also be in the star format of this post: lentil burger with the sum of other ingredients, a mixture, egg, another mix, and fry. The rich thing is that in a few minutes you have a version that combines with your favorite accompaniments.
  7. With red beans: If there are chickpeas and lentils, there should also be beans. If it is your favorite vegetable, try to change the way you enjoy beans and make some hamburgers to taste at lunchtime. These marvels also have mushrooms, you cannot miss them. Prepare some chips to accompany.



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