The leading cause of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness – androgenetic alopecia. This accounts for around 95% of the male baldness that happens typically as a man ages. However, not all men go bald – it is actually a genetic condition that causes male pattern baldness so look to older males in the family for clues!

As well as this, there are other reasons for baldness in males – here are some of the much fewer common conditions that cause male baldness…

Telogen effluvium – This is mainly caused by shock or a significantly stressful life event – a sudden death in the family, an accident, illness or a trauma can all cause this. Usually when this is the cause the hair will grow bac k in a few months once the psychological distress has passed.

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Nutrient Deficiency – Our bodies need to be fuelled by the right nutrients to keep all parts working as they should – and this includes hair follicles. If you have low levels of vitamins such as vitamin D and iron, as well as not enough protein in your diet, you may find that you start to lose hair.

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Being bald is not uncommon and many men embrace their baldness, emulating the action hero look that Bruce Willis made famous. But there are things that you can do if you want to cover up the hair loss – a hair follicle transplant, scalp micropigmentation and even wearing a toupee are all great ways to cover it up if you are not happy with losing your hair!

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