There’s no denying it, summer is on the way and with it, all those sticky, unbearable days. If the last thing you’re looking forward to is hiding inside next to your air-conditioner, take note! There are better ways to stay cool that don’t involve becoming a house hermit. Here are just four to start you off.

Keep Hydrated

To beat the summer heat, you’ve got to stay hydrated throughout the day. However, try to avoid drinking soda and instead choose something that will do your body good. Natural and frosty fruit drinks like the combinations you’ll see on an online smoothie menu Calgary AB are a refreshing way to cool down and replenish lost vitamins and minerals.

Eat Cool

Summer is the perfect time to eat cool. Instead of cooking hot meals, take this time to prepare cold salads, hard-boiled eggs, hydrating foods like melon and mouth-watering deli items like olives, hummus and cheese. This type of dinner feels like a party and, as an added benefit, you save energy and avoid heating up the house. It’s as easy as opening your refrigerator.

Wear Light Colors

It really does matter what colors you choose to wear in the summer. Just like asphalt burns your feet and concrete feels cool, so will the colors you decide to dress in. On scorching days, select white or pastels and avoid dark clothing and shoes at all costs.

Carry a Portable Fan

Get out and do some fun outdoor activities this summer. Don’t let the heat hold you back from hiking, or walking, and take a small handheld fan. These tiny fans are lightweight and portable and some can even go around your neck. Find the ones that spritz cool water and you’ll make it through the hottest of days.

Plan Accordingly

Hot days are coming, so it’s time to plan accordingly and get through the season feeling refreshed. Grabbing an ice-cold smoothie, eating hydrating foods and wearing light colors will turn summer into a season you love instead of one you dread.

Russell Gross

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