The eggplant is a typical summer vegetable, and you can find them fresh on the market stalls roughly from June to September.

However, it is difficult to do without their taste and versatility during the other months of the year. And already in the past, effective methods have been studied to preserve aubergines even during the cold season.

With the advent of technology, then, the freezing processes have given a further boost to the ability to preserve aubergines. Let’s find out together how to always have them available in the pantry. And to be able to prepare many recipes with quick and easy aubergines.

How to store eggplant in the freezer

Paying a little attention, it is possible to keep the aubergines in the freezer. And always have this tasty vegetable “within reach of the freezer”.

Once cleaned with plenty of running water, cut into 1 cm thick slices and let them blanch in water for a few minutes. In this way, they are “sanitized” and can be stored without risk to health.

Once cooled and dried, they are placed in airtight bags and transferred to the freezer, where they can be stored for up to 6 months.

Warning: freezing the aubergines will make the pulp very soft. Keep this in mind when defrosting them so you can use them in suitable recipes.

How to store fresh eggplantHow to store eggplant

Fresh eggplants can be stored indoors for several days without difficulty. However, as they tend to deteriorate easily, it is important to protect them with a paper bag (which absorbs excess moisture) or in a freezer bag.

In the first case, they can remain for about three days in the pantry. But away from other vegetables (which would favor an excessive ripening); in the refrigerator, on the other hand, they can be kept on the special shelf even for 7 days.

How to store eggplant for the winter

There are several ways to preserve aubergines for the winter: among them the aubergine cream and the aubergines in oil.

The aubergine cream is easy to prepare: it is a light mousse, to be made by cooking the aubergines in water and vinegar and, once blended, seasoning them with oil and spices to your liking (with chili or paprika for a spicy cream, with oregano or mint for a more delicate result). In this way, you can keep the aubergine cream in the refrigerator or in the pantry. Simply by covering it with a layer of oil, throughout the winter.

To preserve the aubergines in oil, you will first have to cut them into thin strips and leave them covered in salt overnight, so that they lose the liquid of vegetation. Once rinsed, they are left to blanch for a few minutes in water and vinegar and put, in sterilized jars. Under an abundant layer of oil, flavored as desired with pepper, chili, parsley, or other aromatic herbs.

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