Just like waffles, waffle fries have the characteristic honeycomb shape. Provided you have the right tools, they can also be easily prepared at home. The classic recipe calls for them to be fried and made perfectly crunchy, but if you prefer to safeguard the waistline, you can bake them in the oven or in an authentic waffle iron.


  • 2 large fresh potatoes, slightly floury
  • 1 liter of oil for frying
  • Salt, to taste

Step of Fried Waffle Fries

Heat the oil

How to Make Waffle Fries

Pour about ten centimeters into the fryer, then turn it on and wait for the oil to reach 180 ° C.

If you don’t have a deep fryer, you can pour the oil into a large, deep pan, preferably cast iron or with a thick bottom. Heat the oil on the stove using medium-high heat.

Use a cooking thermometer to monitor the oil temperature. It should remain around 180 ° C for the entire cooking time. Adjust the stove accordingly.

Wash the potatoes

How to Make Waffle Fries

Rinse them under cold running water while scrubbing them with a vegetable brush to remove soil residue.

It is important to clean the potatoes carefully, since the classic recipe calls for them to be fried with the peel.

If you prefer to peel them, peel them first, and then rinse them under cold running water. Since you’ve removed the peel, there’s no need to scrub them with the brush.

Slice the potatoes using a wavy blade.

You can use that of the mandolin. Hook the blade and run the short side of the potato over it for a wavy cut.

If the mandolin allows you to set the thickness of the potato slices using the wavy blade, choose a height of at least 6 mm.

If you don’t have a mandolin, you can use a knife with a wavy blade. Its purpose is precisely to cut potatoes, carrots and other vegetables in a decorative way. Make a vertical cut starting at one end of the potato. Also in this case remember that the fries must be at least 6 mm thick.

Rotate the potato and continue slicing

Rotate it 90 degrees so that previously vertical grooves are now oriented horizontally. Make a second slice at this angle.

The resulting design should simulate the honeycomb weave typical of waffles. If you don’t turn the potato, the chips will simply be wavy.

Continue slicing the potato-like this, rotating it 90 degrees after each cut. Continue until you have sliced ​​both.

Only fry a few chips at a time.

Dip a first portion in the boiling oil and cook for several minutes, turning them if necessary, until they turn golden.

Do not lose sight of them while they cook to avoid burning them.

You will need to fry them several times rather than all at once. If you were to put too many in the deep fryer or pan, the temperature of the oil would drop significantly, and consequently, the fries would not be able to cook properly.

Drain the excess oil

Once ready, remove them from the boiling oil using a slotted spoon or slotted spoon, then transfer them to a plate lined with several layers of kitchen paper.

While you wait for the chips to drain onto the paper, you can begin frying the next batch.

Add the salt and eat them

How to Make Waffle Fries

Sprinkle the fries with salt while they are still hot and eat them immediately to enjoy them at their best.

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