Occasionally let us indulge in a fry but it should be done properly. Although fried food is certainly not among the recommended things in healthy eating, eating it once in a while is acceptable and above all it is good for the mood. However, it is essential to create perfect frying which therefore makes each food much lighter and more digestible and above all the sponge effect is avoided, i.e. the absorption of oil from the food to be fried. To avoid this, just follow a few simple rules: even if you are a beginner in the kitchen, with little effort you will get excellent results.

Choosing the oil

The right oil is essential for perfect frying. You must choose an oil that has the highest possible smoke point. The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil begins to burn and when the oil burns, it becomes toxic, therefore also harmful to health. The best choice (also economically) is peanut oil, which can be used both for frying sweet and savory foods, this type of oil also has a smoke point at 180° which is among the highest.

A good choice is olive oil which burns at 210 ° (it is the highest smoke point available), but the extra virgin has a very strong, very intrusive flavor that would ruin sweet fries and is also unnecessarily expensive for the use you make of it. Do not use corn oil, seeds or sunflower, their smoke point is 130 °, too low.

How much oil

To obtain perfect frying it is essential to completely immerse the food you want to fry in the oil, thus allowing a complete browning of the exterior without the oil penetrating inside creating the “sponge” effect. It is therefore better to use a deep and narrow pan instead of a pan.

Which pot

We have already said better with high edges than wide, a saucepan is fine, but it is essential that there is uniform heating of the bottom. There are commercially available products made up of metal alloys, that is steel and aluminum or even copper. Know that only steel does not have ideal heat conduction.

Don’t be in a hurry to cook.

Let’s explain better. Do not add too many pieces to be fried all together also in order not to lower the oil temperature too much. Fish, vegetables, croquettes, pancakes etc. etc. they must have space between them. Better to put a few pieces than too many. You can turn them more easily by frying them perfectly.

Beware of water

If what you fry is not in batter or floured (as for the chips), dry it well before cooking it, just pass it all in a cloth. This is to avoid splashing, even dangerous ones.


Do not add oil

The advice is to abound rather than find yourself with a little oil. I know it would be the easiest thing to do, but the addition in the course of the work would ruin everything. It would alter the new one making all your work unnecessary.

Do not reuse the oil

We know it’s against savings, but once used oil should never be used again for other fries. It should be thrown away but always correctly: you either store it and then take it to the disposal centers, never in the sink or in the toilet or worse in other places. There are now many supermarkets that collect it, or check with the municipality or who carries out the waste collection, where the designated collection centers are. After using it, just pour it in tightly closed plastic bottles and after it has cooled, deliver it to the disposal center.

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