Making flour at home is really easy if we have the right utensils for it. Especially for those people who prefer to use alternative products to wheat, this technique can be the solution to the high economic cost of buying special flour for celiacs, for example, and other products with a minimum amount of gluten. One of the most popular and simple to prepare is oatmeal, as well is nutritious and ideal to introduce to our favorite recipes. Don’t think about it anymore and start saving by making your own flour. Read on and discover how to make oatmeal quickly and easily.


  • Traditional rolled oats (not instant)
  • Blender or food processor

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

Making oatmeal at home is very easy and you will only need one ingredient, commonly rolled oats. It is advisable to resort to traditional oats rather than instant because the texture of the flour obtained will be different and, depending on what we want to make with it, the latter will not serve us in the same way. It is important to note that oats are not a completely gluten-free product, as they contain a small amount of one of the gluten proteins, oats.

Step: 2

As for the utensils to pulverize it, the ideal is to have a high-power blender for its ease of use, efficiency, and comfort. But, failing that, you can use any food processor, such as a blender or grinder, although the process will be a little slower and the result will be not so fine flour. As a last option, it is possible to use a coffee grinder, as long as we want to make a small amount of flour since it is a much slower and tiring process than the previous ones.

Step: 3

Once we have the oat flakes and the utensil that we are going to use, we can start preparing our homemade flour. The amount should be stipulated according to your needs. If you are going to need a kilo of flour, for example, it is best to go little by little if you do not have a blender. Thus, introduce the flakes into the blender container and pulverize them for two minutes at maximum power, approximately.

Step: 4

If you are using a blender, add the rolled oats into a high-rimmed bowl, insert the blender, and cover the top with plastic wrap to prevent the flour from spattering and staining. Then, beat on medium-high speed until as thin as possible. This process takes a bit longer and the texture may not be as fine as you would like, but the result is still adequate. If you use another processor like a chopper, it will be much easier because you won’t have to cover it with paper.

Step: 5

If you opt for the blender, it is best to pulverize the flakes little by little if you want to obtain a high amount of oatmeal. As you can see, making gluten-free flours at home is very easy and much cheaper than buying them already prepared. You can use this flour to make delicious oatmeal pancakes, cookies, or biscuits.

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