A question that many of us have already asked ourselves: how to reduce or stop your coffee consumption? Indeed, coffee is a substance that can quickly become completely addicted. It is important to be aware of this. Getting away can make you healthier. Excessive coffee consumption can indeed have adverse health effects. If you consume too much, you can develop a caffeine addiction. It will be much more difficult to hold a day at work without consuming coffee for example. It can also have adverse effects on your digestive system or on your heart.

The content of coffee consumption

  • A gradual decrease
  • Stop all at once
  • Minimizing the side effects of stopping coffee consumption

Here we write details to quitting your coffee consumption

A gradual decrease

To stop drinking coffee, it can be a good idea to do it gradually. As a first step, it may be wise to count the number of cups of coffee you consume each day. Ideally, you should not eat more than one. Proceed slowly. Decrease day by day the amount of coffee you drink each day. This will allow you to not feel the lack.

coffee consumption However, this method of stopping coffee consumption requires real discipline. It is important that you respect the amounts of coffee you impose on yourself. It’s about really making an effort to be healthier and feel better. If this is not the case, you will not be able to stop drinking coffee. As with any addiction, it is important to show a great willingness to get rid of it.

The decision must start with you, and no one else. If you can make that decision, nothing and no one can make you go back. However, for some people to stop gradually is not the best solution. Continue reading Some advantages of having tea in the morning

Stop all at once

For some, it is necessary to stop at once to stop his coffee consumption. Indeed it depends on your body and your psychology. If you have tried the progressive method but cannot keep it, you should consider stopping at once. Choose preferably a vacation period or during which you do not have a heavy workload. In this way, it will be much easier for you to stop.

However, it is important to know that stopping coffee, as with any addiction, will have negative effects on your health. When you stop taking a substance that you are addicted to, you can suffer from headaches for example. You may also have symptoms such as irritability or fatigue. However, it is possible to combat these negative effects in a simple way.

Minimizing the side effects of stopping coffee consumption

When you decide to reduce or stop your coffee consumption, you run the risk of suffering some side effects. It is however quite possible to fight against them in a simple way. At first, make sure that the first days of your coffee stoppage fall during your rest days. If they are on weekends or Sunday, it will be much easier for you to rest and feel better.

coffee consumptionAlso, remember to prepare simple foods to digest. Soup for example (a cold soup if it’s hot) is a good alternative. Also, try to let your family and friends know. That way they will be willing to tolerate your irritability and mood swings more easily. It may also be wise to talk to your supervisor at work. He could be more lenient and understanding towards you.

Since stopping your coffee intake can cause migraines, it would be a good idea for you to keep pain relievers close to you. This way, if you feel that a headache is starting to happen, you can quickly stop it. It is also important that you avoid driving during this period. Indeed, if you drive, it could have serious consequences. You will suffer from a certain lack of attention. It is therefore important to pay careful attention to this as well.

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