Pet Parties

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All it takes is a quick online search for pet birthday parties to discover that this type of celebration is a trend that continues to grow in popularity. It’s a wonderful way for pet owners to get together, share pet stories and watch their dog enjoy some play time with the party guests. In addition to celebrating a dog’s birthday or adoption day anniversary, welcome showers are also becoming very popular.

Birthday/Adoption Anniversary party

Planning a birthday party for your dog is much like planning a birthday party for friends or family members. Due to the increasing popularity of these parties, you can easily find dog birthday party supplies that include dog theme plates, napkins, balloons, party hats and pet-appropriate party favors. You’ll need to have pet-friendly party treats such as cupcakes, cookies, a birthday cake or other edible items that are made specifically for pets. The pet owners who accompany their dog to the party will, of course, expect an assortment of party food that they can enjoy while they watch the dogs having a good time with their canine buddies. Dog shaped cookies can function both as table decor and people party food.

Party gifts

If you have been invited to attend a dog birthday party, arriving with a dog gift basket in hand is a fantastic way to delight both the dog and the dog’s owner. The gift you bring could be solely for the dog such as a collection of dog treats, toys or pet supplies such as a fancy new bowl, pet blanket or pillow or various other pet related items. You could arrive at the party with a pup cookie bouquet or a gift box that includes gift items for the pet and it’s owner.

Doggie Shower

When someone decides to bring a puppy or rescue dog into their life, they want to share the joy of that experience with family and friends. Arranging a welcome shower for a friend, co-worker or family member would be a wonderful way to delight the pet owner. You could start a trend at the office or in the family so that welcome pet parties become a tradition.

The abundance of pet party gifts and ideas indicates just how popular celebrating pets has become. There’s a lot of fun involved for both the dog and the people in attendance at a pet party.


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