Catering Trays

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Catering trays are a pivotal part of any catering business; whether you work in a school, a hospital, a college or a fast food restaurant, the likelihood is you will be serving food up to your customers on a catering tray.  The great thing about catering trays is that nowadays there is so much choice, so whatever your needs, W V Howe will have a catering tray to suit. 


Fast food catering trays offer a great option for your customers to pick up and self-serve or be quickly served by your staff.  W V Howe trays are lightweight but made from polypropylene so they are durable and long lasting. Other collections on offer at W V Howe include the Fibreglass Camtrays which come in different sizes and colours and benefit from a 5-year warranty against breakages or colour fading.  They also stock an entire collection of Non-slip Trays and timeless laminated trays. For optimal ease, you could also try out the Warwick laminated trays that allow the diner to eat directly from the tray and have a turned down edge.

So with all of the catering tray choice available these days, the biggest problem you are going to face is deciding what kind of tray to opt for.

W V Howe has a huge choice of catering trays in stock and these include:

  • Fast Food Trays: These are perfect for self-serve and quick-serve dining in schools, colleges or restaurants.  W V Howe fast food trays are made of lightweight, highly durable, long lasting polypropylene, and have attractively textured surface to reduce slipping.  After all there is nothing worse than dropping items of your lunch on the floor because your tray is too smooth to keep anything in place.  Fast food trays come in small, medium and large sizes; and in a choice of colours including green and red. 
  • Fibreglass Camtrays: These heavy duty trays come with a 5-year warranty against breakages and colour fading.  Made of lightweight, high-impact fibreglass with reinforced edges, these fibreglass Camtrays are stain, odour and scratch resistant, and can even be personalised to promote your business. 
  • Harfield Food Trays: Harfield food trays are made of high quality polypropylene and come in a wide choice of colours including purple, green, orange and yellow. 
  • Rectangular Laminated Trays: These heavy duty trays are made from multi plywood sheets.  As well as being durable and strong, these trays are also heat resistant and will withstand the hot bases of pots and pans.  Rectangular laminated trays come in a choice of birch and mahogany colours and in a choice of sizes also. 
  • Warwick Laminated Trays: These fantastic trays have turned down edges allowing the diner to eat directly from the tray, and come in a choice of birch or mahogany. 
  • Non-slip fibreglass trays: These trays have a permanently bonded rubber surface to help prevent breakages and damage to items being carried on it.  With a 5-year warranty, these non-slip trays are available in black and come in a choice of sizes.

When it comes to choosing the best catering tray supplies for your business, it’s important to choose a supplier who can meet your needs every step of the way.  Even down to the tiniest teaspoon, the catering supplies you use reflect on not only your business establishment, but on you too.  So it’s important to opt for the best quality supplies.

W V Howe prides themselves on supplying the highest quality catering equipment, including catering trays, at the best prices.  Established in 1945, W V Howe has a wealth of experience in the catering services industry, becoming a valued associate of many leading names in both the public and private sectors.


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