How to Get Ready To Care for a Loved One

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As you prepare to become a caregiver to an older loved one, you have many questions and a fair amount of anxiety. You’ve heard so much about caregiver burnout, but you want to be there for your relative during this challenging time. Smooth out your transition by keeping these tips in mind.

Know Your Limits

You’re doing the work of several people by caring for someone who’s sick, but you can’t keep up that pace forever. Before your loved one moves in, identify your weaknesses in dealing with other people. Do you struggle to talk with others in the morning, or do late-night problems drive you crazy? Do you need time to recharge every day, or does a longer break once a week suffice? Once you’ve thought through these questions, enlist the help of a service that provides companion care Westchester County for the times when you need a break.

Clear Your Schedule

After you and your loved one have settled into a routine, you can resume your social calendar. Since you don’t know what the next few months will bring, though, avoid scheduling too many events during your first weeks together. That way, you have plenty of time to spend with your loved one, getting to know his or her habits and making your house feel like home.

Be Ready to Change

No matter how much you prepare now, things will change when your loved one moves in. Perhaps you don’t fully understand his or her daily routine, or maybe your house presents challenges you didn’t think of. Regardless, keep an open mind and prepare to adjust all your plans to suit your relative’s needs.

Becoming a caregiver is a privilege, but it’s also a huge job. Use these tips to provide your loved one with the best support possible.


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