3 Foods To Avoid on a First Date

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No matter how much fun the two people have, going on a first date with someone can be a nerve-racking experience. Trying to evaluate the other person as a potential partner while also trying to be as charming and attractive as possible can be stressful. Many people like to go out to eat on a first date in order to have something to do with their hands and provide something to talk about. However, some foods should be avoided to prevent embarrassing messes from happening.

1. Sandwiches

Anything that has to be eaten with the hands should probably not be ordered on a first date. Keeping hands clean will help maintain a fresh, presentable appearance for the entire meal. It also keeps people from getting food on their face or falling out onto their shirt or in their lap.

2. Red Sauces

Getting food on clothing is never fun, and it is worse when the stain is big, obvious and difficult to remove quickly. Many people dress to impress on a date, so giving pasta and barbeque dishes a pass can help preserve nice clothing as well as dignity. If food does end up on clothing, then use a stain remover Lynnwood WA as soon as possible to keep items from being ruined.

3. Ice Cream

Ice cream is delicious, and with the large variety of tempting flavors available, it can seem too good to give up, even for a day. Grabbing a big ice cream cone or a popsicle may sound like a good idea on a hot day, but when the sticky treat melts all over hands and arms, it can turn into a disaster.

Grabbing a meal on a date can be a fun way to get to know someone. By making smart ordering choices, it is possible to enjoy a delicious meal and excellent conversation without any gaffes.


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