Low carb pasta: fewer carbohydrates, more taste!

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Are you looking for vegan pasta, rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates? Found it! Today we present our new Protein Pasta, specially designed for your fitness recipes.

Can’t you give up on pasta? No problem, just choose the right one! Here’s how you can enjoy this homegrown delicacy without losing sight of your sporting goals. The Pasta Protein offers you much more than a piece of simple carbohydrates.

Lots of vegetable proteins , few carbohydrates , vegan and soy-free .

1. Protein Pasta: So low in carbs you won’t think it’s really pasta

It is a very good and extremely versatile food . However, we know, it also contains a lot of carbohydrates . The calories we draw from traditional store-bought white flour pasta come almost exclusively from carbohydrates and cause the blood sugar level to rise rapidly. In short, these calories don’t have much benefit for us.

Instead of large amounts of carbohydrates, we have opted for the best vegetable proteins .

Peas are particularly rich in all the essential amino acids and BCAAs that are immediately available and give your muscles an extra boost of energy . BCAAs cannot be produced autonomously by the body and must therefore be taken through food.

We want to offer you only the best, which is why we use pea protein concentrate instead of plain pea flour.

What is the difference? That we isolate proteins from other components : carbohydrates and fibers are filtered and eliminated during processing.

Less carbohydrates, more protein – take your fitness cooking to the next level!

Here are our tips for making your dishes tastier and healthier.

2. How to cook pasta in an ideal way

Low carb pasta

Everyone is capable of cooking a pasta dish, right? Yet there are a couple of mistakes that many make. Let’s see what we need to pay attention to.

# 1 Taste the pasta

The size of the pot and the amount of water determine the way and the time in which the pasta cooks. Don’t just rely on the directions on the package, taste the pasta before draining it!

# 2 Salt the water when it boils

The size of the pot and the amount of water determine the way and the time in which the pasta cooks. Don’t just rely on the directions on the package, taste the pasta before draining it!

Do you know why it is important to salt water? Many believe that it is to prevent the pasta from having a bland taste, but the reality is another.

Salting the cooking water, in fact, will not salt the pasta but will ensure that the salt content of the pasta and the water is balanced, which will allow the pasta to retain its flavor.

It is essential to salt the water when it is already boiling, not before and not once the pasta has been thrown away.

# 3 Don’t pass the paste underwater

Avoid running freshly drained pasta under tap water, even if you want to make a pasta salad. By doing this you wash away the starch and the sauce will not mix well with the pasta.

The same thing goes for oil: it increases the calories and does not make the sauce stick to the pasta.

# 4 Mix it right away

Once you have thrown the pasta you just have to wait for it to be cooked, right?

False! Stir the pasta after throwing it and again after a few minutes to prevent it from sticking.

# 5 Make up some cooking water

Pasta water contains a lot of starch and makes the sauce tastier and creamier. Moreover, it allows pasta and sauce to blend perfectly.

3. Our favorite recipes

We have revisited the classics of tradition for those who care about the line but do not want to feed exclusively on zucchini spaghetti.

Pasta with vegan ragout

A vegan alternative to the most famous gravy: tomato sauce with fresh herbs and soy granules. The pasta is suitable for your fitted kitchen.

Pasta with basil pesto

Low carb pasta
Pasta with basil pesto

Pesto is a good alternative when you don’t have much time. Roasted cashews and pine nuts, oil, yeast flakes, garlic and spices of your choice – that’s all you need.


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