3 Ways To Increase Employee Satisfaction

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If your business has employees, those employees are likely the company’s most valuable resource. Ensuring their satisfaction increases the chances that your business will be successful in the long run.

Foster Work-Life Balance

Although the term “work-life balance” is fairly new, the idea is not. Employees have always had things to do outside of work,  but if their work schedules are rigid or extremely long, they may not be able to focus on other important areas of their lives. As an employer, ensuring your employees have adequate time to take care of their families, friends and selves is key to promoting employee happiness. Offer paid time off, and encourage your employees to take it. Make sure they know that their jobs are not at risk if they take reasonable personal time. 

Encourage Employee Wellness

Healthy employees are both more productive and generally happier. A Pittsburgh commissary can provide your company with a rotating supply of healthy meals. Consider offering mental health seminars, fitness challenges and other wellness-focused activities. If you have employees who are required to work at desks, consider providing them with desk risers so that they can alternate between sitting and standing.

Provide a Pleasing Work Environment

Your employees spend a significant amount of time at work, so it is important that they enjoy the setting. Make sure all of the essentials are functional: reliable internet and phone service, updated software, etc. Keep necessary supplies in stock and organized so that employees can easily find what they need. Additionally, keep the office clean and free of pests. Be considerate of employees who may have chemical sensitivities and avoid air fresheners and other synthetic fragrances. Consider surveying your employees to see what other upgrades they would suggest. Is the office furniture comfortable? Is the lighting pleasant? 

Ensuring your employees’ satisfaction with their jobs can be difficult, especially if they are reluctant to discuss such issues. Taking the above steps can show your employees that you care about their workplace happiness and encourage them to share their ideas. 


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