Dining Your Way Through Houston Texas

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If you are planning your next trip to Houston Texas, make sure to enjoy all of the available cuisine that this area has to offer. Here are three cuisines you will not want to miss when you visit.

Mexican Cuisine

Texas is the state that primarily borders Mexico so it is not a surprise that you will find some delicious authentic Mexican food Houston TX while in the Lone Star State. Some of the dishes you should consider getting are enchiladas, mole, chilaquiles and of course a refreshing margarita. Another favorite dish that is more from the Baja region of Mexico by California are the mouth-watering fish tacos. There is also many dishes which are a combination of Texas and Mexican cuisine called Tex-Mex. Some examples include chili con carne, chimichangas, fajitas and nachos.


Texas like many Southern states is known for its barbecue. Make sure you stop into a local restaurant for some authentic Texas barbecue with dishes like smoked brisket, pork ribs, cheddar corn casserole, fried okra, Texas cornbread, ranch style beans, Frito pie and of course homemade banana pudding or peach cobbler. Just make sure you wear your loosest pants because there is no way you will come home without a very full stomach.


While Texas is on the ocean, you may not think of it as a place for seafood but there is plenty of delicious seafood in this grand state. Some dishes to try are red snapper from the Gulf, seafood campechana, shrimp kisses, crawfish etouffee, oysters Montrose and many other dishes. While you will definitely find amazing seafood in Houston, if you have time you could day trip to Galveston Island and literally find yourself on the Gulf Coast.

Dining out and experiencing local cuisine is one of the best parts of traveling to new places. Texas will certainly not let you down when it comes to having a great variety of mouthwatering dishes from Mexico, native Texas BBQ and seafood.


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