Easy table: ideas for setting well in a simple and fast way

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An easy table must be simple and elegant together. And to achieve this, it is also important not to spend a fortune and not take too long. To do this, just have a little imagination, dare original combinations and mix plates, glasses and cutlery of different services.

Easy table

The textile

A simple plain-colored cotton tablecloth is a good base for playing with the colors of plates and glasses. Alternatively you can use American placemats, even from different services. An easy table will then be enhanced by colored napkins: the paper ones are fine; two can be used for each table place (one in a solid color and one in a pattern that takes up its color), to be folded one inside the other, so that both can be seen. An even more original idea for an easy table is to use printed papers, provided they have a certain consistency or trays instead of placemats.

The dishes

Easy table with equal simplification: flat plates in ceramic or porcelain are therefore indispensable, but paper or plastic dishes can also be used for appetizers and desserts. The menu should also be simple: a single main course plus a few appetizers or appetizers (possibly to be eaten standing up) and a dessert.

The glasses

For wine it would always be better to provide a glass, which also enhances wines that are not particularly important, while for the water small low, multicolor tumblers are good for a more lively result.

The cutlery

Etiquette wants to put the knife on the right and the forks on the left (where the napkin should also be placed). On an easy table, however, almost everything is allowed: the napkin can be placed on the plate, and the knife and fork can even be together, both on the right.

Yes to jugs and carafes

Even on an easy table, the plastic bottle of water should be banned. It can be replaced with a glass or plastic jug, colored or transparent. The wine, on the other hand, can be safely left in its bottle, thus also giving way to read the label. Provide a coaster on which to place it.

Ménage for condiments

The duo oil cruet – vinegar cruet (with or without salt and pepper shakers) on an easy table cannot be missing, because they are often invited to complete the seasonings, for example of a salad. It doesn’t matter if it is a vintage model or that has nothing to do with serving dishes, a mix of different objects can also be nice.

The extra touch

Instead of the classic centerpiece, small single jars can be provided, to be placed one for each table place: three daisies and a sprig of rosemary are enough. Or you can distribute small jars of succulents along the table or branches woven with different flowers. Another nice idea is to write the name of the guests on the place cards, handmade with a card or purchased on purpose (if they are beautiful).

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