Vegan sweet pancakes: 5 quick recipes to prepare them at home

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Find out how to prepare homemade sweet pancakes with 5 quick and delicious recipes, to eat for breakfast or snack!

Forget about white sugar, refined flours and super-calorie toppings to make room for quick, healthy and delicious recipes. The pancakes are sweet easy to make at home, even in vegan and gluten free version, without giving up what they all love these pancakes, famous worldwide: the irresistible softness.

In fact, the original pancake recipe calls for the use of milk, flour, eggs, butter and sugar, but the vegan and gluten-free variants are increasingly popular, thanks to their enviable flavor, the lightness of the final result, the greater digestibility and the lower calorie intake.

How to season and decorate sweet pancakes

As for the topping, you can season the pancakes with a mix of fresh seasonal fruit cut into cubes, with a pass of coconut butter and a teaspoon of your favorite jam, with maple syrup in the raw version (raw), or with a sauce obtained by heating lemon juice, diced fresh fruit and a little brown sugar in a saucepan. For pancakes for real gourmands, we recommend pouring extra-dark chocolate melted in a bain-marie on top, finally adding a grain of dried fruit, obtained by mincing some almonds or hazelnuts.

There are also some tricks and tips to make American pancakes even more surprising and appetizing. For example, have you ever thought of using cookie cutters to give pancakes different shapes? Just lay the mold on the bottom of the non-stick pan and pour the batter inside. Another fun idea is to create many colorful mini pancakes to accompany ice cream: as natural dyes, use vegetable extracts such as beetroot or spinach.

Let’s now discover the 5 quick vegan recipes to prepare delicious and healthy sweet pancakes at home!

5 quick recipes for vegan sweet pancakes

No business is impossible in the kitchen, especially when it comes to pancakes. Good, beautiful and easy to make, vegan pancakes are a mine of sweetness to be given for breakfast or a snack , without fearing that the balance needle will touch the point of no return. Among the 5 variations of vegan pancakes you will certainly find your favorite (but you can try them all!).

1) Vegan banana pancake

Naturally sweet and hearty, the banana pancake recipe will appeal to everyone, even children, to whom we can offer it not only for breakfast but also as an afternoon snack. A load of energy and sweetness that will conquer the whole family!


  • Ripe banana › 1
  • Spelled flour › 100 gr
  • Cremor tartar › 8 gr
  • Turmeric powder › ½ tsp
  • Vanilla powder › ½ tsp
  • Soy milk › 130 ml
  • Salt › 1 pinch
  • Cold-pressed sunflower oil › 1 teaspoon (optional)
  • Raw Agave Syrup › 1 tbsp (optional)


  • In a bowl mash the banana with a fork, if it is not ripe enough it will be necessary to blend it;
  • Also pour the sifted flour, cream of tartar, turmeric and vanilla into the bowl;
  • At this point pour the milk slowly mixing with a kitchen whisk;
  • Once you have obtained a thick and homogeneous batter, add a pinch of salt and mix again;
  • Cover the batter and let it rest in the fridge for 20 minutes;
  • Cook the pancakes on a low heat in a non-stick pan with a flat bottom, if necessary greasing it previously with a drizzle of oil;
  • Remember to turn the pancakes halfway through cooking, after about 4 minutes. Once ready, banana pancakes can be served by pouring a spoonful of agave syrup on top, but choosing the raw version of this natural sweetener.

2) Gluten-free pancakes

Why give up the magic of morning pancakes due to gluten intolerance? With this recipe, you can prepare wholemeal and gluten free pancakes in an easy and fast way that will appeal to even those who are not celiac or vegan.


  • Whole buckwheat flour › 1
  • Rice flour › 100 gr
  • Bicarbonate for food use › 8 gr
  • Turmeric powder › ½ tsp
  • Brown sugar powder › ½ tsp
  • Rice milk › 130 ml
  • Zest of one untreated lemon › 1
  • Sparkling water › 50 ml
  • Soy butter › 1 teaspoon (optional)


  • In a bowl add the sieved flours with sugar, turmeric and baking soda. Also grate the lemon zest and mix with the kitchen whisk;
  • Pour the rice milk and sparkling water flush, stirring constantly so as not to form lumps;
  • Cover the gluten-free pancake dough with plastic wrap and leave it to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes;
  • Grease a non-stick pan with soy butter (only if necessary) and cook one ladle of dough at a time by turning the pancake with a spatula halfway through cooking, after about 4 minutes.

3) Pancakes with chocolate dough

Chocolate and pancakes are the favorite pairing of any real sweet tooth. To make the recipe healthy and delicious we used spelled flour, bitter cocoa, almond milk and some extra-dark chocolate. A sin of gluttony, without feelings of guilt.


  • Spelled flour › 80 gr
  • Almond flour › 20 gr
  • Bitter cocoa powder › 8 gr
  • Almond milk › 120 ml
  • Sparkling water › 50 ml
  • Brown cane sugar › 1 tsp
  • Bicarbonate for food use › 1 tsp
  • Extra dark chocolate › 50 gr
  • Soy butter › 1 teaspoon (optional)


  • Inside a container, add the sifted flour with the sifted cocoa and mix the two powders with the whisk;
  • Also add the sugar, baking soda, dark chocolate finely chopped with a knife and mix again;
  • Inside the container with the dry ingredients, pour the almond milk and sparkling water flush, mixing well with the whisk to eliminate all possible lumps;
  • Close the container with plastic wrap and leave the batter to rest in the refrigerator for half an hour;
  • Grease a non-stick pan with soy butter (it is not necessary to grease the pan if you use one with a strong non-stick seal, such as stone pans) and put it on a low heat;
  • Once heated, pour in the center a generous spoonful of batter to be turned halfway through cooking, after about 4 minutes;
  • Repeat the last point until the end of the batter and … your chocolate pancakes are ready to be served, garnishing them with what you prefer.

4) Vegan blueberry pancakes

Here is the recipe for vegan pancakes in a “polka dot” version full of sweetness and all the beneficial properties of blueberries inserted in the dough. Homemade and healthy, these pancakes are always center, suitable even for the most attentive to the line.


  • Wholemeal flour › 120 gr
  • Soy milk › 130 gr
  • Sparkling water › 50 ml
  • Blueberry jam with no added sugar › 1 tbsp
  • Cremor tartar baking powder › 1 tsp
  • Fresh blueberries › 1 handful
  • Sunflower oil › 1 teaspoon (optional)


  • In a bowl add the sifted flour with cream of tartar, then add the washed and well-ascended blueberries, then mix with the kitchen whisk;
  • In the same bowl, slowly pour the milk and sparkling water, stirring constantly to avoid the formation of lumps
  • Add the blueberry jam and mix again gently to mix the jam with the rest of the batter.
  • Cover the dough with plastic wrap to let it rest for 20 minutes in the refrigerator;
  • Remove the blueberry pancake batter from the fridge and cook the dough, one ladle at a time, in a previously oiled non-stick pan (if necessary, depending on the non-stick quality of the pan selected) with a little sunflower oil. Stir the pancake halfway through cooking, after about 4 minutes.

5) Salted beetroot pancakes

Colorful to greet, the beetroot pancake is a pink apostrophe between the words breakfast and sprint. Also excellent for brunch and an aperitif, it can also fit nicely into the lunch box.


  • Cooked red beetroot › 100 gr
  • Flour 2 › 120 gr
  • Thick soy yogurt › 100 gr
  • Flax seeds › 20 gr
  • Bicarbonate for food use › 1 tsp
  • Salt › 1 pinch
  • Extra virgin olive oil › 1 tsp


  • Blend the beetroot and add it to the yogurt;
  • Pour the bicarbonate and sifted flour into the same container, mixing with the whisk;
  • Cover the dough with plastic wrap and let it sit for 15 minutes;
  • In the meantime, dip the flax seeds in 60 ml of very hot water. Cover the container with a cloth and let it rest for 15 minutes. After that, blend with the immersion mixer, thus obtaining a binder batter similar to egg yolk;
  • Add the flaxseed binder to the rest of the pancake dough and mix everything together;
  • Cook the beetroot pancakes in a non-stick pan, previously greased with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil; cook the pancakes 4 minutes per side and serve them again.

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