Fun Gifts To Send Friends on Special Occasions

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Sometimes you can’t be with your friends to celebrate special occasions, like a promotion at work, the birth of a new baby or the purchase of a home. To let your friends know you care, send them a gift basket. Here are a few types to consider.

Microbrew Bucket

If your friends are celebrating and they love beer, why not send them a microbrew bucket filled with some snacks, meats, cheeses and microbrews. You can have it all delivered in a nice metal bucket that is just perfect for holding ice to keep their brews cold.

Fun Gifts

Cookie Collection

Sending a collection of gourmet cookies Atlanta to your friends is a great way to celebrate successes, send condolences or even remember their birthdays. With more than 80 varieties of cookies to choose from, along with cakes, pastries, and coffee treats, you can always find what you need.

Tea Set

If you want a clever gift for someone that is feeling under the weather, choose a tea and cookie set. Select from a large variety of unique teas, sets that include tea mugs and even boxes with wild honey included.

Gourmet Sampler

People love to try new and exotic meats, cheeses and crackers from around the world, so send a box of gourmet samples the next time you want your friends to know you care. You can choose from individual countries or select an international box of goodies.

Harvest Basket

A harvest basket can include fruit, honey, jams, nuts and even sweet treats. If you want to spice the basket up, add some special spicy mustard, crackers and unusual cheeses.

When you want to order a gift basket for your friends, let your imagination take control and send them something unique that lets them know you care. When the gift arrives, you can be sure your friends will be smiling at your thoughtfulness as they delight in the collection of yummy treats.


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