How to make a creamy coffee

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How to make a good coffee with a coffee maker? How to make a creamy coffee that is a real pleasure for the palate? Just use a coffee maker, the typical one that almost everyone has had at home.

creamy coffee

The types of creamy coffee

It is important to use ground coffee especially for this type of coffee maker. This is a type of grains a little more often than espresso coffee machines. There are many types of coffee, mixed, pure, etc. Each of them is destined for a time of day, intense or strong in the morning, soft and aromatic to be taken at any time, with taste and body for the afternoon. The best thing is that everyone tries to decide what they prefer.

The preparation of creamy coffee

The tank is filled up to the valve that marks the limit. Once the filter has been positioned, the water must not overflow. To check that it is correct, the filter is struck with a finger and a few drops of water must escape through the holes in the filter. Put the coffee in the filter without crushing it or pressing it. This detail is very important, because if we press it, when the water boils and rises, it will be more difficult to transfer the grains (a very heavy coffee may come out). Let a mound of coffee form and close the coffee maker without matching the coffee surface. Be careful to tighten the coffee maker well.

The tricks for creamy coffee

If you want to surprise some guests or just do something different, put a piece of cinnamon bar inside the filter before closing the coffee maker and you’ll have a cinnamon-scented coffee. We put the coffee machine on the stove or in the stove at maximum power, with the lid open. When the water boils and the first drop of coffee comes out, we close the lid and lower the heat a little, so that the water rises slowly and a full-bodied coffee forms. When all the coffee has risen, the coffee maker should be turned off.

The foam of creamy coffee

An essential part of good espresso coffee is the foam; however, in the coffee maker it is not produced. To get a sparkling and tasty coffee you have to follow a special procedure. With the coffee pot with the lid open, we await the moment when the coffee rises. You have to be very careful, because the first drops of coffee that arise are quickly poured into a cup (the coffee pot is put back on the fire so that the coffee continues to rise). Then a couple of tablespoons of sugar are added to that small amount of coffee that we have put aside and must be stirred intensely until it is with a consistency similar to a mousse (add more sugar if there is too much liquid).


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