Eggs: 3 Healthy Recipes

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The egg is one of the most nutritious and easiest foods to prepare. Today we have prepared three recipes to give you original ideas and teach you that eating healthy is not boring.


Eggs Recipe

The secret so that you don’t have the black yolk is to boil it with vinegar water, between 8-10 minutes from cold water. In the photo is with mushrooms, peas (peas) and chard pencas. All steamed and then a touch iron with a little olive oil. A very complete meal!


Eggs Recipe

Heat your pan well with a little olive oil, pour the previously scrambled egg and let it spread a little, when it begins to stir with a spatula, remove from heat and it will be done with residual heat. Fill an avocado and you will look like a chef.


Eggs Recipe

The trick is to do it over low heat with little oil and cover with a lid to concentrate the heat, this way they will cook faster. In the photo, we brown the slices of peppers a little before and we carefully pour each egg. We cover. An irresistible dinner!


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