Delicious Cold-pressed juices

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Cold-pressed juice is the latest trend in pre-packed healthy drink options. It is made from fruit and vegetables that have been crushed at a pressure high enough to separate pulp from juice and to leave pathogens inactive and so prevent fermentation; it is currently being touted as the most natural juice product on the market. If you don’t want to buy it however you could make your own version by getting some freshly picked oranges and a blender. If your living in a Park Homes Gloucester location with several friendly people around you, it’s like a community so it might be nice to make them a glass too. If you want to see more information on the parks available you could click on links including

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Cold-pressed v pasteurised

The process of pasteurisation destroys all bacteria present in the fruit, both good and bad, through the use of heat, and denatures all proteins, including enzymes. The cold-pressed process doesn’t use heat, just pressure, so the extracted juices retain healthy enzymes and vitamins. The only down-side is that they do have a shorter shelf life of two to four days compared with other juices. They also tend to be more expensive, but it is claimed that they are more nutrient rich and therefore more nutritious.

How many calories?

Juices obviously contain a higher density of calories than are found in the original fruit and veg, including a surprisingly high level of sugar, and this applies to cold-pressed juices too. Therefore, customers need to consider cold-pressed juices as part of their daily nutrient intake rather than as an extra treat. Try to include them as part of a balanced diet rather than grabbing a bottle to replace water when you are thirsty.

Check out the ingredients

Chemicals are commonly added to pasteurised juice to prevent bacterial growth during the packaging stage. This does not happen with cold-pressing so these products have a reputation for being more natural. However, while in storage or in shops the juices do need to be kept in commercial bottle coolers.


Nutritionally packed juices such as cold-pressed give your digestive system a holiday while still providing plenty of energy. Juice cleansing is therefore commonly included in a detox diet as the freshly squeezed fruit and vegetables provide essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can support a fast ranging from a few days to several weeks.

Helps you stick to that five-a-day

For most people, drinking juices is the most effective way of maintaining a daily intake of five portions of fruit and veg; it is so quick and easy. Do remember though, that juices provide very little dietary fibre and this should be supplemented as part of a balanced diet.


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