Cooking mediterranean in the hot weather

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When the weather gets hot, it’s only natural that we feel inclined to stay out of the kitchen. In winter we are often happy to spend hours over a hob – but in summer we want to get outside and enjoy the sun! So let someone else cook for you and head to a beautiful restaurant that provides freshly grown food in a mediterranean style for example an Italian Restaurant Dublin company at websites such as

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If you have a few other nights to fill then we thought it would be good to take a look at some great Mediterranean inspired recipes that you can enjoy in no time at all.


This is the ultimate Spanish cold soup and one taste will have you hooked! There are many different recipes, and each family in the Mediterranean will have their own and claim that it’s the best! Experiment with different recipes until you find the one you like. The trick is to use fresh tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and garlic, and whizz these up with garlic, plenty of olive oil and breadcrumbs for extra texture. Season well and then sprinkle with chopped eggs, herbs or spring onions. If you have a food processor, this simple and nutritious soup can be prepared in just a few minutes. Remember to cool it well in the fridge before serving.

Guacamole and crudités

Guacamole is a wonderful and flavoursome dip to serve up with crudites. Simply put avocados, chillis, tomatoes and a little oil into a food processor or work with a pestle and mortar until you have a great dip. Serve with chopped carrots, peppers and slices of hard boiled egg. This is a great recipe to enjoy outdoors!

Sticky chicken legs

Simply marinade some chicken legs and wings in a sticky sauce made from tomato paste, honey, salt, pepper, herbs and balsamic vinegar, before cooking them outdoors on the BBQ.
It’s vital that you store raw chicken and other meats at the correct temperature. If your equipment is past its best it’s probably time you looked at new commercial refrigeration solutions.

Spanish Paella

This is another dish that is great to enjoy al fresco. It combines chicken legs with chorizo, prawns, shellfish and a rich rice base with tomatoes, peas, lemon and plenty of herbs and seasoning. Find a great recipe here:

Finally, don’t forget those summer drinks – a little sangria is always popular on warm summer evenings!


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