Know the Benefits of green juice for health

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The green juice is the main component of any detox diet. It can be prepared with many different ingredients, but always in the same line to get a juice with many beneficial properties for our health. This article is all about the benefits of green juice in which we want to eliminate the accumulated toxins in our body.

The green juices to lose weight have gained much prominence in recent years due to the many strict diets that include them, promising a rapid weight loss that is not always good for health. However, the green juice itself is not bad; everything will depend on the way we have to take it.

There are going to talk about the nutritional properties and the benefits of green juice bring in the diet. If you are also thinking of including it in your diet, find out what are the guidelines to do it correctly and all you can get with this green smoothie.

Benefits of green juice

What is a green smoothy?

Green juice is a juice recipe prepared with fruits and vegetables that naturally have this characteristic color. This liquefied is made raw to keep intact all the vitamins and minerals of the ingredients contained, liquefying them to make their digestion easier.

When we ingest a green juice daily or periodically, we are contributing to our body a chute of vitamins, minerals and other substances beneficial to health.

All of them, taken within a balanced diet, participate in the improvement of the state of health of the organism at a cellular and systematic level, just as food supplements would do but in a much more natural and above all economic way.

Properties of green juice

Benefits of green juice in both the ingredients and the method of preparation of the different recipes give this liquefied nutritional properties that do not have other foods.


The green juice keeps intact the vitamins and minerals of the fruits and vegetables that make up your recipe. Among them we find high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, and B group vitamins that maintain the proper functioning of our body. All of them are energy vitamins that help us to overcome the day with more desire.


The minerals in the recipe also remain unchanged from their preparation to their consumption. By not applying any kind of physical process such as heat in the recipe, the minerals do not rust or get lost. Green juice contains high amounts of magnesium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iron among other minerals essential for health.


Benefits of green juice for health are huge. Many of these minerals and vitamins act as powerful antioxidants in the cells of our body. They keep at bay the free radicals that cause aging and cell destruction, promoting rejuvenation internally and externally.


In every recipe for green juice is usually added fruit and whole vegetables, so the fiber that both contain naturally is entirely in the final result. We obtain a juice rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, which favors intestinal transit, improves the state of our immune system and at the same time provides a feeling of fullness.


In the same way, the water contained in the fruits and vegetables in our green juice also acts as satiating. It is a much more appetizing way to drink water, thus covering the daily needs of this fundamental element in any diet.

Benefits of green juice

Benefits of green juice for health

Nutrient and energy cocktail

Fruits and vegetables are the main foods that provide vitamins and minerals in our diet. One way to make sure you take 5 of these foods every day is simply to include them in a super-full green juice.

These natural juices contain the number of vitamins and minerals necessary to meet daily needs, in a simple way and ensuring that these nutrients are not lost due to cooking processes since they are taken raw.

Nutrition experts also agree that taking a green juice on an empty stomach every morning gives you all the energy you need to start the day in a healthier way, and without having to drink coffee!

This drink is loaded with carbohydrates, fiber, and even simple sugars to give our body the boost it needs at the moment when we notice that the forces are weakening. Prepare a good healthy breakfast with her!

Purifying effect

We should thank its content in fiber and water. The benefits of green juice help us to fight the retention of liquids, also to lose weight. It can remove the toxins that are accumulating in our body. Activate the natural process of our body to eliminate waste substances, in a fast way by not requiring much time for digestion.

Green juice helps us to clear the arteries and cleanse our digestive and renal systems, to improve our state of complete health.

Alkalizing effect

According to numerous scientific studies, green juices have a very beneficial alkalizing effect on our blood. They provide a pH above 7 which is the perfect value for the metabolic processes that are part of the life of the cells to take place in our body.

It has been discovered that a state of extreme acidity in the body could be the cause of many diseases, so balancing this pH naturally is more than beneficial for everyone’s health.

Regulation of intestinal transit

Whether you have constipation problems, or if you are going through a bowel problem with mild diarrhea, the fruit and vegetable smoothies will help you control the transit of your digestive system.

Its fiber content favorably regulates the movement of the intestines, thus eliminating the waste substances of digestion, while at the level of the large intestine, this fiber is used by the bacteria of the intestinal flora to feed and multiply.


The foods richest in pure antioxidants are fruits and vegetables and especially if we consume them fresh and raw. We will be making the most of their function at the cellular level.

Benefits of green juice have an anti-aging property. Green juice is an anti-aging food that keeps the cells of our body protected from free radicals. They delay the process of cell death, eliminating much of the damage that affects us both inside and outside.

It is a very effective way to combat natural metabolic processes and also with external agents such as pollution, tobacco and less healthy foods.

Benefits of green juice

Green juice to lose weight

Taking a green juice provides a feeling of instant satiety that helps us control the intake at any time of the day. Its fiber content is perfect to feel satisfied, controlling the glycemic index in a staggered way for several hours until the next meal.

Green juices keep your body hydrated and although you are following a more limited diet in food and quantities at least you are contributing the number of vitamins and minerals needed each day.

If you are thinking of resorting to the green smoothie to lose weight, always do it within a balanced diet and take advantage of the benefits of green juice as a complement to improve your health, not as a substitute for all meals.

Green juice can be taken daily as an accompaniment to a complete diet that contains the rest of the nutrients that this preparation does not provide.

Benefits of green juice

Contraindications of green juice

The green juices or detox juices are not miraculous products to get an iron salute or a spectacular figure. We must be very careful when taking them if our health is not completely positive since sometimes green juice is contraindicated to certain people.

Amount of sugar

According to the ingredients that we add to our recipe of green juice, we will be adding more or less sugar. I am not talking about sugar as such, but about the sugar that fruits and vegetables contain naturally.

Celery benefits for man

They are carbohydrates of very easy digestion and absorption, the reason why they could increase the glycemic index in the blood. It is for this reason that a person who has problems related to glycemia, or even the disease of diabetes, must control at all times the type of recipe that is being followed so as not to cause a rise in blood sugar that may be harmful.

Ask your doctor or nutritionist which ingredients for green juice detox are best for you, and which ones you should avoid.

Excess fiber

A detoxifying green shake contains a lot of fiber, so much that it can cause problems of inflammation, gas and intestinal discomfort in those whose functioning of the digestive systems is not the most suitable.

If you suffer from chronic constipation, colitis, or have irritable bowel syndrome, control the amount of fiber you bring in your juices to avoid bothersome intestinal problems.

Abuse of green juices

Like any other type of food, juices should not be the only food in our diet. To stay healthy we must follow a very varied diet, providing all kinds of food as well as fruits and vegetables in the form of smoothies.

There is no problem taking a green juice daily or even make a detox diet throughout the day sporadically to detoxify the body, but do not abuse these foods or you will risk malnutrition due to lack of other nutrients that They are found in the rest of the diet foods.

Now that you know the benefits of green juice to lose weight and to maintain your health, as well as your cons for health in certain occasions, include this food wisely in your diet to avoid causing unnecessary damage.


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