8 Fruits and vegetables to consume in May

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In May, do what you like! This well-known saying calls us that May is a month during which we feel we can have fun and enjoy the good things in life. And for good reason, in May, seasonal fruits and vegetables are particularly appetizing! Consume seasonal fruits in May is good for the health, the environment but also for farmers who market their fresh produce.

So many reasons to choose to consume seasonal fruits in May! So we choose to have fun in this season and we adopt the fruits and vegetables that nature offers us. They are better to taste, better for health and then we cannot love them! Strawberries and raspberries or mango, we say yes to these fresh fruits and vegetables, good for our health and our morale.

Here we write 8 fruits and vegetables to consume it may

1. Strawberries

Consume strawberries in May, nothing better! Indeed, strawberries, especially those from the south of France, are in season from May. When the weather is nice, nothing like to eat a good homemade fruit salad with strawberries, or to make a good charlotte or a pie! Strawberry juice that you can squeeze yourself is also delicious and great for your health!

fruits and vegetablesAnd if you want to indulge yourself, you can choose to eat strawberries as a dessert. You can, for example, dip them in chocolate or in spreads! Yes, in May we do what we like. Choose to eat the strawberries in the way that suits you best. It is above all a pleasure to eat a good seasonal fruit and cooking according to his tastes! Continue reading: 10 Tricks will help you create better fruit salads

2. Celery

In May, celery is one of the best foods to eat. Indeed, to make you happy nothing like a little freshness when the beautiful days arrive. Celery is a food stuffed with water and vitamins. Its consumption is not only good for the health but also for the taste buds. We prefer to consume fresh and salad for example! Its refreshing properties are good when it starts to get hot.

fruits and vegetablesDepending on your preferences, you can find original recipes for cooking! Celery root is delicious in the soup for example! And the celery branch is perfect in a salad or even mashed! Children generally like his taste because it is not too high: it suits them too. Celery is one of the foods that are good for the body while making us feel good, so we do not hesitate to consume it!

3. The red cabbage

Red cabbage is also a favorite food in May. In season, it is even more delicious and its health properties are further enhanced. We love to eat it in a salad for its freshness! And did you know that red cabbage has health properties out of the ordinary? Indeed, it has properties that allow you to lose weight faster but also fight against diseases such as diabetes.fruits and vegetablesPrefer to buy organic red cabbage, without pesticides. This is always better for your health. In addition, make sure to choose to consume it in the most natural way, salad for example! If you prefer, you can also eat red cabbage for example! Its taste also goes very well with apples: what to experiment and make delicious mixes! It opens the appetite … and the spirit!

4. Spinach

Ah, spinach! Either we love them or we hate them. There is rarely a happy medium. But as Popeye has taught us, spinach is above all extremely good for health and allows us to strengthen ourselves! Spinach is a bit like a “superfood”, a food with unparalleled health properties. He too often suffers from a bad reputation. However, spinach is delicious when you know how to cook!

fruits and vegetablesIt can be mixed with sliced ​​onions and quinoa, for example. Or cook it as a quiche! Its taste goes perfectly with that of salmon. Why not cook it in pie or salmon cake? In this way, even the most capricious children will agree to eat them. And in May, eating spinach is even better for your health. A fruit or a vegetable consumed during the good period is even better for health. Keep reading http://healthiestlife4me.com/5-of-the-most-manly-ways-to-go-green/

5. The cherries

In May, nothing like eating cherries! Indeed, cherries are an extremely nutritious food and their taste is delicious. It is rare that someone does not like them, whether they are eating them in nature, in a fruit salad or on a pie or in a cake. Children enjoy their taste as much as parents. And consume them in May is a real asset to health, so we do not hesitate to do without depriving ourselves!

fruits and vegetablesThe cherries are delicious eaten as is or in a fruit salad. To have fun, we can also make a cherry clafoutis that will be appreciated by all! Cooking is also knowing how to have fun and please our friends! In May, we do what we like so we do not deprive ourselves! There are a thousand and one ways to cook the food around us. A little ingenuity and voila!

6. Raspberries

Raspberries are also one of the best fruits and vegetables to eat in the month of May. We choose to consume them in the way we like most. If it starts to be nice and hot, we prefer to eat it as is. A tip? You can put them in the freezer and crush them to get a delicious frozen fruit puree! Or add them to a frozen yogurt, low-calorie food, if you want to have fun without gaining weight!

fruits and vegetablesIf you just want to have fun, nothing like a good homemade raspberry pie to gather the whole family around a delicious dessert! Mixing raspberries with other seasonal fruits in a smoothie is also a very good idea. In this way, we preserve the properties of the fruit while being really fun! Yes, a raspberry smoothie is delicious but it’s also good for you!

7. The mango

Mangoes are also one of the best foods to eat in May. Indeed, the month of May is the season conducive to their consumption. They are cooler and juicy. Their vitamin intake is also greater than in normal times. We advise you to consume them preferably during this season. It’s up to you to see the form in which you prefer them!fruits and vegetablesEat mangoes as is delicious! But we can also vary the pleasures and enjoy them in other forms. For example, you can choose to add them to a delicious smoothie or add them to a frozen yogurt. Lassi with mango, Indian drink, is also a delicious drink! It is also possible to eat mangoes with salty dishes such as coconut and shrimp for a touch exotic!

8. Rhubarb

fruits and vegetables

In May, nothing like eating rhubarb. Indeed, rhubarb is a food that is consumed particularly in spring. We choose to cook as we see fit, according to our tastes. Nature, it may not please everyone. But cooked in an interesting way, it becomes a food of choice! In compote, for example, it will even be appreciated by children. You can also choose to mix it with strawberries in a pie! A delicious recipe? Apple pie, rhubarb, and speculoos.

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And you, do you have privileged fruits and vegetables in May?


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