Some advantages of having tea in the morning

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Tea is a good drink for any time of the day for its relaxing and stimulating properties, can naturally reduce heaviness and activate the nervous system and give us that spark to start the day, so many recommend accompanying breakfast with a good cup of tea. In this post, we give yous some advantages of having tea in the morning.

To start the day sometimes we need a stimulant that helps us wake up completely and start the day with the greatest energy, what many do not know is that tea, in addition to coffee, is a perfect option to activate us when the feeling of drowsiness it invades us, so to accompany breakfast an infusion can be pleasant.

There is a popular belief that tea is used only to relax and fall asleep at night, but it can also be a great ally for mornings as a breakfast companion to recharge the necessary energy that will be spent on the day. In this way, it is important not to skip this food if what you want is to be active and perform for all activities, so it is always advisable to eat healthy foods such as fruits or vegetables.

Depending on the type of tea you can vary its accompaniment, for example, black tea with milk is a good combination with toast with the filling of your preference, however, there are more combinations that you can try and have a great variety of flavor on the day a day. Later you can see which ones we recommend for a good breakfast, although first, we will give you recommendations to take better advantage of the first meal and achieve a better balance in your diet.

Recommendations for a healthy breakfast

  • Avoid excess milk, white sugar or saturated fats such as sausages, margarine or others. These affect the cardiovascular functioning of our body.
  • Limit consumption of refined carbohydrates, i.e. white bread, pastry, cereals, or foods with many chemical aggregates, opting for the most natural is better in the long term since we avoid digestive problems, constipation, and increased appetite.
  • Try not to use excess salt, to achieve a balanced meal it is necessary that it has fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in a balanced way. Oatmeal is a very good choice to include fiber.
  • Some healthy foods that you can consume are avocado, fruits or juices as long as they are natural, whole grains, honey or nuts like nuts or hazelnuts.
  • It is important to remember that we should avoid skipping breakfast since it influences physical and mental performance, provides energy by regulating the amount of appetite during the rest of the day, it also considerably improves the mood.

Benefits of tea at breakfast

  • Reduce the stress hormone.
  • They provide theine which is a stimulating substance for the body.
  • It decreases the amount of appetite during the day.
  • Take care of your health.
  • It brings a variety of flavors along with the meals.
  • It helps improve the digestion process.

These are some of the contributions that tea can provide at breakfast time, then we recommend which are the ideals to choose, you can vary them and combine them to your liking. Red tea

The best teas for breakfast

  • Black Tea
  • Red tea
  • Green Tea
  • Blue tea 
  • Chai 
  1. Black Tea: It is a perfect stimulant because of the amount of the tea that it has, it is very strong for it activates the mind in those hours of the morning, and it is also digestive and controls the cholesterol. It is a good option for the first hours of the morning, the advantage of this type of tea is that it has varieties to choose from due to its form of preparation, within its categories are:
  • Earl Gray: a union between bergamot oil and black tea.
  • English Breakfast
  • Darjeeling
  1. Red tea: Its special feature is to improve the mood, producing a good mood that you can keep for the rest of the day; this coupled with its stimulating power is a very good feeling of perfect energy to start the day with enthusiasm and optimism.
  2. Green Tea: It is an excellent antioxidant, has a little amount of theine which gives a mild flavor easy to accompany with other meals especially in the morning, although it is also a good option at any time of the day.
  1. Blue tea: It is a softer tea because it has less amount of theine, like the previous ones it has its healthy properties, its aroma is very characteristic because it is better to consume it as natural as possible. You can choose between:
  • Black Pearl oolong : has tropical fruit flavor, aromas of flowers that make it perfect to start the routine with a good foot, this has a longer fermentation than the rest.
  • Formosa Fancy has a mild flavor and also works as a diuretic.
  1. Chai : This is prepared with spices and black tea characteristic of India, the hot spices used for its preparation as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves or star anises, pepper, are natural stimulants for the body. It can also be mixed with milk to achieve a more charged tea. It is recommended to increase the ability to concentrate, is ideal in the mornings for students or anyone who has to develop widely their intellectual capacity. It should be noted that it is a good stimulant with a strong flavor and it is also a good accelerator of the digestive process.



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