5 healthy and delicious homemade juices for good health

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Start the morning with energy, vitality and good humor is the most effective preventive natural medicine to keep us healthy and balanced. We propose you to start the day with a juice or natural shake that will provide you with the necessary nutrients to achieve it. Now, we give you 5 healthy and delicious homemade juices for good health.

How do you make it?

The most convenient and fastest way to prepare these homemade juices is with a blender. However, if you do not have this device, you can use a blender and, if the juice has too much fiber, strain it before drinking it.

If fruits and vegetables are organic we can use them, always well washed, with their peeling.

We also recommend including seeds, as in the case of grapes, watermelon or lemon.

When are they taken?

The ideal time to benefit from their properties is on an empty stomach, 15 minutes before breakfast. It is the time when the organism is more receptive to receiving and assimilating nutrients, besides being an excellent way to end the nighttime fast and stimulate the stomach to begin to secrete gastric juices.

We can also take them mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

To notice its effects we must consume them regularly, at least, for two weeks. We can go testing the different recipes, or repeat the same if what we want is to enhance specific benefits.

We offer you several ideas:

  1. Apple and carrot:

The apple is a neutral fruit that combines perfectly with any food. Although this fruit is not usually highlighted, the truth is that it has many properties and, as the saying goes, if we take it every day we will keep the doctor away. Both the apple and the carrot are very beneficial for the skin and the combination of both gives the juice a delicious sweet taste.


  1. Pear and grape:

The pear is a fruit very rich in silicon, an essential mineral for the beauty of the skin, hair, and nails as well as bone and joint health. Its sweet flavor combines perfectly with the acid and sweet nuances of the grape. If we choose the red grape, this fruit is rich in bioflavonoid and also contains resveratrol, a nutrient well known in recent years in cosmetics and also for its property of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

  1. Pineapple and orange:

This tropical juice is delicious, it helps us raise our defenses and lose weight while giving us a good dose of energy first thing in the morning. The pineapple allows us to eliminate excess fluid from the body and,

in addition, improves digestive function, thanks to its ability to stimulate gastric juices and inflammation of the digestive tract. The orange is an ideal fruit to take in the morning since it activates the organism and improves the state of mind. It is ideal when we feel low defenses or the first symptoms of colds and flu.

  1. Watermelon and mint:

One of the most refreshing and diuretic juices, ideal for hot days and for those who suffer fluid retention. Watermelon is a fruit very rich in water and fiber very suitable for inclusion in slimming diets. But it is important to note that it is best to take it separately from meals to digest it correctly. The mint brings an original touch. This plant is one of the most refreshing and, in addition, has important digestive properties. We must add two fresh mint leaves for each glass of juice.

  1. Lemon, celery, and ginger:

The last juice that we propose is very depurative, for those people who feel exhausted or overloaded with toxins and need to perform a good internal cleaning. Lemon is one of the most depurative fruits and helps us to digest and dissolve fats. Very rich in vitamin C, it is an excellent antioxidant and preventive of most health problems. Celery removes excess fluid from the body and gives us many minerals. It helps us regulate and improve kidney function. Ginger, on the other hand, is an ideal spice to improve digestive function, increase metabolism and naturally treat many disorders of women. Simply add a slice of raw ginger in each juice, but we can also use it in powder.


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