10 Tricks will help you create better fruit salads

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It may seem that making a fruit salad has no more science than cutting fruit and putting it on a plate, but some very simple tricks can transform your fruity into something appealing to the eye and pleasing to the palate. These 10 tricks will help you create better fruit salads for the whole year.

  1. Buy fruits of the season: The taste and texture of seasonal fruits are always better.
  2. Buy fruits with the same level of maturity: A fruit salad instantly becomes less appetizing when some pieces are soft and others hard. Avoid inconsistency, choosing fruits that have exactly the same degree of maturity. On the side of the texture, you will always know better if all pieces of fruit are soft and a little crispy. On the other hand, the very ripe fruit can disintegrate very fast, transforming into a pulp that covers all the other pieces. Mixing the ripe fruit, but not so ripe, the salads will look fresher and more vibrant for longer.
  3. Mix fruit of different texture and color: Greens, oranges, reds, and purples, to highlight the contrast between each fruit present in the salad. In addition to varying colors, think about combining different textures as well. Some fruits have many seeds, others are softer and others more crispy. Some are full of juicy pockets, and others have fibrous skin. Mix them all to keep your palate interested and committed.
  4. Remove from the fruits, the unnecessary: To fruits such as strawberry cherries, remove all garbage, skin, and skin if necessary. A fruit salad looks cleaner when each piece of fruit is prepared. If you cannot remove the seeds or the kernel for example, then warn your guests of any piece that might have something hard inside. There is nothing but to bite a grape full of hard and bitter seeds.

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  5. Cut squares or even slices: One of the first tricks taught in cooking schools is to cut uniform pieces. Not only is it more visually appealing, it also makes it easier to eat the fruit salad. No matter the size of the piece, choose a measure and keep it when you prepare all the fruit.
  6. Use the same amount of each fruit: Nobody likes a spoonful of the same fruit. An attractive salad is made with the same amount of each fruit so that no one feels that they are left with what nobody wanted.
  7. Always use citrus fruits: Amplify the flavor of the fruit salad using fresh lemon, lime or orange juice. Citrus juice prevents the fruit from turning brown and acts as “salt”, increasing the flavor of all pieces of fruit.
  8. Take advantage of using herbs: Mint, in fruit salads, we usually find it as a decoration. But in reality, herbs, especially mint, give a refreshing taste to certain fruits, such as melons, berries, and citrus fruits.
  9. Add yogurt to your fruit salad: Especially in berries, a teaspoon of yogurt gives the fruit a very rich creamy sensation.

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