7 benefits we get when eating bananas

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The banana is a fruit that contains a high level of potassium, sucrose, fructose and glucose nutrients that when consumed regularly give our body energy almost immediately. In this article, we will discuss 7 benefits we get when eating bananas.

It is a rich source of potassium

Its potassium content is one of the most important health benefits of banana, but to know the exact reason we must know what is this substance: Potassium is one of the minerals that the body needs to regulate blood pressure and maintain a heart in optimal conditions. It also helps to reduce the excessive excretion of calcium in the bones, thus avoiding contracting diseases such as osteoporosis and helping to maintain strong bones even after aging.

High amounts of fiber

The fiber contained in the banana helps your digestive tract to function properly and encourages good bowel function; it also helps to reduce the symptoms produced by heartburn.

It is a source of necessary nutrients

Bananas are a source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, and manganese. Also, another benefit of this fruit is that it has cytolcin; a substance that experts believe can help increase the production of white blood cells. Being these agents very important to have a healthy immune system.

Natural remedy for ulcer

One of the benefits of the banana for health is its function as a treatment and preventive of ulcers in the stomach. This is because this fruit creates a protective barrier on the walls of the stomach, fighting against the harmful effects of excess hydrochloric acid. It also eliminates the presence of bad bacteria in the stomach, which are another cause of ulcers in the stomach.

Natural remedy for ulcer
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Helps to treat skin and hair problems

The banana peel is used to treat diseases such as psoriasis and acne. On the other hand, the pulp is used together with other ingredients to make natural masks that help to moisturize the skin and hair.

Increase your energy levels

Bananas have a natural compound that helps recover energy levels naturally, without having to resort to foods that increase the sugar content in the blood. For this reason, it is even able to help you lose weight.

Reduce stress levels

The banana has a substance called tryptophan, which when released into the bloodstream produces a hormone called serotonin or also known as the hormone of happiness. Thanks to this hormone we can enjoy a better mood at the same time that reduces stress.


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