9 quick and easy recipes to eat fruits in a very ingenious way.

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The fruit is rich in many ways: in flavor, in nutrients and vitamins. In addition, it is easy to eat, a refreshing snack and ideal for the months that await us. It can be included in salads, tarts, use to make juices and smoothies. So pay attention: here are 9 quick and easy recipes to prepare for you to eat the fruit in a very ingenious, fun and healthy way.

  1. Cold chocolate and strawberry candies: It’s as easy as filling a bucket with a strawberry for space and filling it with melted chocolate.
  2. Macedonia in a melon bowl: Turn the melon into a salad bowl. Cut different fruits into cubes and pour it all. Add a little orange juice.
  3. Watermelon cake: Cut the watermelon into triangles, as if it were a cake. Cover the top of each piece with a little vanilla ice cream or cream, and decorate it with nuts, raisins or slices of fruit.
  4. Raspberries with chocolate chips: There is no recipe simpler than this; in a bowl, mix raspberries with white and black chocolate chips.
  5. Banana ice cream: Crush the bananas in the blender or blender, mix with a little milk or cream, and freeze until cool. To serve, accompany it with an ice cream cookie or some pistachios to decorate.

    An apple sandwich
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  6. An apple sandwich: Cut the apple into three horizontal slices. Spread it on what you like best: a little jam, low-fat spread cheese or plain yogurt. Garnish with grated dried fruits such as almonds, pistachios or walnuts.
  7. Fruit tacos with pancake dough: This recipe can be used for breakfast or dessert. Decorate the pancake with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, to suck your fingers.
  8. Fruit sushi: Cut different fruits into small round slices and place them side by side. For example, strawberry, banana, melon, and pineapple. Decorate them to taste with chocolate shavings, chocolate powder, raisins or grated nuts.
  9. Hummus of banana: Simple and healthy; add a banana to hummus. You will see that the taste is delicious, and also, a way to include proteins in your diet.

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